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Screen Porch Rot Repair

The last part of this project involved screen porch rot repair.  This screen porch door jamb was to far gone.  As a result of rot I chose to replace the entire door jamb with 2 by cedar material.

There was also structural rot in the support post framing and trim.   See small patch between door jamb and step railing.

The cedar jamb supports a screen transom panel above the door.  We sloped the top of this jamb 15 degrees to shed any wind driven rain.  This is a simple trick that should be used on all exterior, horizontal trim.

The seam of the door jamb and the screen porch frame was covered with 3/8″ quarter round which we back primed and sealed all the end grain prior to replacing.

Cutting the hinge mortises, we installed a new Brosco wood combination screen / storm door.

A mahogany sill was cut and installed to cover the seams of the two porches as well as “lock in” the cedar jamb.  The sill matches the mahogany deck boards we used on the deck repair.

Shims, plumbing and setting the custom cedar door jamb.

Exterior view of screen porch door. Sill seen below door.

Threshold covers deck board seams nicely. Notice cedar jamb end grain sealed with white primer.  Sealing end grain helps the boards resist wicking moisture and prematurely causing rot.

Steps and storm door installed.  Finished view ~ right side.

Finished view ~ left side.

finished steps ~ left side.

Deck and tie in at wall ~ finished view.

Finished view – right angle.

Clapboards and trim to left of storm door were replaced. Click on photos to enlarge view.

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