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Reducing Remodeling Anxiety

Reducing Remodeling Anxiety

Reduce Anxiety = Increased Professionalism!

One of the most commonly overlooked causes of “Client Remodeling Anxiety” is the fact that as re-modelers, we are constantly invading and disrupting our clients’ lives.

Workers strolling in and out of the house day after day can cramp a clients lifestyle, even if they’ve been pre-warned.

Dust, muddy boot tracks, messy bathrooms, loud radios and sketchy looking tradespeople are just a few of the sure ways that this disruption can foster clients’ anxiety.

Here’s a few tips to reduce this anxiety:

  1. If the job is large enough – rent a job-site Porta-Potty.
  2. Take active dust-control measures. [see previous posts on dust control]
  3. Don’t play the radio loud.
  4. Insist that employees and subs present a professional appearance.  Insider uniforms or dress codes.
  5. Keep a clean job-site.

There aren’t enough moms in the construction trades.  The principle of uniformity suggests that the unseen is generally consistent with the seen. A visibly organized job site suggests professional diligence in all aspects of life. It goes back to the concept of creating a brand for your business. Cleanliness on the job site builds a quality reputation among tradesmen, bankers and consumers alike.

Proper planning, communication and cleanliness are all ways to put you on the road to anxiety-free remodeling for both you and your clients. By developing a system of written specifications, accurate drawings and realistic project schedules and having weekly meetings with clients, the chance of remodeling trauma can be all but eliminated.

Minimizing the disturbances to the clients’ keeps them in a better state of mind. You’ll find it easier to chat cheerfully with them at the beginning and end of the day, which leads to them bragging about you to others instead of complaining.

Not only will your clients be happier, but your productivity and profits should also increase dramatically. And once clients have complete confidence in your ability to plan and run a project, you’ll be free to dazzle them with your real talents as a craftsman.

~ concord carpenter

source: FHB 155


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