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Protect Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Wires

Protect exterior wires from damage:

A few years ago I installed low voltage wires  in my yard.  Most of these wires are buried under bark mulch or are installed in conduit. this article will show you an inexpensive tip on how to protect low voltage landscape lighting wires.

Instead of placing my low voltage transformers in my yard I installed them in my basement and ran them outside through conduit.

One location does not have conduit and runs up from the lawn and under my porch.  This wire is unprotected and is vulnerable and susceptible to damage from the grass trimmer.  [see photo]

I decided that I would rather protect this wire than replace it.

  1. I used an old garden house and cut a short section to fit my low voltage wire.
  2. I then cut a slit down the length of the hose with a utility knife.
  3. I opened the slit in the hose and slipped it over the low voltage wire.
  4. Install a few tie wraps keep it tight.  Using the same color tie wraps will help make this repair disappear.

This repair is invisible from 10 feet away.  Now when the trimmer comes by I have zero concerns of fraying or damaging the wire.

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