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Makita Double Ended Power Bits on the ACC Job-Site

Here at A Concord Carpenter we’ve taken a good look at Makita’s Impact GOLD series of Xtreme Torsion Technology bits and bit holders. If you’re not a bit holder guy or gal, and prefer a dedicated bit for driving applications, no worries Makita offers a great option for you “one task, one bit” types. And as they often do, Makita has taken this accessory, the dedicated bit, and really maximized it’s longevity and effectiveness with the Double Ended Power Bit.

Makita Double Ended Power Bits 1


  • High strength tatara steel for longer life
  • Magnetic tip for one handed drill/driving
  • Xtreme torsion technology for high torque applications
  • Precision fit engineered to eliminate “cam-out” and stripping
  • Last up to 10 times longer than standard insert bits


Out of the box

These bits have a weight and feel that assure you that they are high quality, I’d liken this to the feeling you get when you hold an iPhone, it’s sleek, heavy, and feels good in your hands. The magnetic tip in the bits are also quite strong and the pull of the magnetic is centered well on the tip to assist the user in holding fasteners.

Makita Double Ended Power Bits 3


The double ended bit makes inserting each bit quick and easy as well, the tip of the bit helps guide itself to the driver collar and assists seating, making for a quick bit change. The improved performance of the torsion bits is literally doubled by having a whole extra tip on the other end of the bit, which comes in handy when you’ve worked your bit to the point it no longer consistently holds fasteners.


Overall impression

The doubled ended bit is not a revolutionary concept, but Makita scores big points for executing so well. Quality construction, with leading edge torsion technology, that is also paired with some nice to have features like the magnetic tips, well done.

Makita Double Ended Power Bits 4

Currently Makita only offers these double ended bit in Phillips #1, #2, and #3 in various lengths ranging from 2-1/2″ to 6″. We’d love to see a more extensive bit offering, particularly a star bit option, although we realize it may be tough to make a double ended bit work with that type of tip.


Regardless, Makita’s double ended power bits are extremely well done, we highly recommend you check these out, and we hope Makita expands this line. ACC approved!

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