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Kapro Levels with Optivision Vials

Kapro Levels with Optivision Vials- Review

Levels are arguably one of the most important tools to be found in the tool box of anyone from the homeowner to those working in the building trades daily. From the foundation of any home or building to the final finishes you will most always find a level involved in most any tasks.

I received the following Kapro levels for jobsite review:

Kapro model 946 – Smarty Level
Kapro model 935 – Torpedo Level
Kapro model 930 – Mason’s Level
Kapro model 905 – Condor Box Level

Kapro Levels Out of the Box-

Out of the box they appeared beefy, feel incredibly solid, and the bright white finish looks awesome with the labels and red Optivison vials.


24″ Condor Box Level, 16″ Masonry Level, and Smarty Level

Optivision Vials

The first question that I had about the Kapro levels was, “What is Optivision?”  Optivison is a clear vial with red surround that creates a red-edged bubble that according to Kapro  increases visibility in both low or high lighting conditions. Kapro reports the levels to be accurate up to <0.5mm and all vials also have a 1% and 2% gradient scale printed on them. The levels come complete with lifetime warranty vials and an assurance of “tight tolerance” in “any working temperature.”

Stock image of the Kapro Optivision clear vial with red surround.


946 Smarty Level

This level is a 4” Magnetic Level that comes equipped with a belt holder using the magnets to secure. It has an aluminum body, shockproof rubber bumpers, and a single vial. I think it could be used for many smaller things as simple as hanging a picture to adjusting electrical plates, thermostats, and many other smaller fixtures.

As a carpenter, I could see it being handy for something like a chair rail installation in a tight area. Probably not a level I would likely use every day, but all the same its well-made and worth having for the few times you do not have room for the larger levels.

Available on Amazon for $19.42

Closeup of the Smarty with its magnetic base and belt clip holder

935 Torpedo Level

This level is the common workhorse among all trades. This is a 10” unit with all aluminum housing. It features three Optivision vials for horizontal, vertical, and Anglefinder. The base has magnets and a V-groove to help when leveling conduit or pipe. Impact-resistant rubber caps help protect it if dropped. This is a great all-around level to have on hand for both the homeowner and the tradesman/woman. I think just about anyone would find a multitude of uses for it.

I have used the 935 Torpedo model for installing a couple of electrical service panels and it worked great. I found the vials easy to read in the low light conditions and shadowed boxes, in addition, the magnets held it firmly in place.

Available on Amazon for $21.73

Stock Photo from Kapro Tools


930 Mason’s level

This 16” level has two vials for vertical and horizontal along with the rubber end caps protecting against drops and bumps from a trowel. It is available with or without magnets in the base, I received the model without the magnets. This level is available in lengths of 16”, 24”, 32” and 40”. If I was going to purchase from the Kapro 930 Mason’s line of levels specifically for masonry or brick work, I would probably opt for a combination of the 24” and 40” as they seem to be a more useful size to me. The only issue I can see with this unit is the shape. It has a lot of contours and in masonry and tile work those are a lot of places to collect mortar, mud, and grime which may make it harder to keep clean.

Available on Amazon for $29.90

930 Mason’s Level 16”  has many contours that might make the level difficult to keep clean


Condor 905 Box Level

This 24” level was my favorite of the group as it addresses two major issues I now realize that I have with other levels. It has three vials, two vertical and one horizontal. One feature I really liked is what Kapro refers to as “Plumbsite” which is a view of the vertical vial from the topside of the level.

If you, like myself, have ever been in a situation trying to push something plumb and straining your neck trying to read the level at the same time, you will appreciate the Plumbsite feature. This feature eliminates the struggle to read the level, as it gives you a perfect view of the Plumbsite vial without straining your neck. This model also has the option for a magnetic base (my level did not have this option) and comes with shock absorbent end caps.

I found the level to have a very comfortable shape to the hand with the top edge thoughtfully rounded to comfortably fit in your hand. Finally, I really like how the body of the level wraps up slightly over the vial box, rather than being a void on some other levels I have used. This feature is extremely handy when using the level to draw a straight line as there is no void over the vial box to interrupt the line.

Available on Amazon for $32.57

Stock image of the Plumbsite vial that allows for easy viewing of the vertical vial.


The Condor 905 box level has a rubber handle and contoured top to create a comfortable feel.


The top edge of the level housing is unbroken, even around the vial box. This allows for ease in drawing straight lines using the level.


Final Thoughts

These Kapro levels are well thought out and built.  They look sharp with the clean look of the white finish, the red vials and black Kapro lettering, this really grabs your attention. With the solid acrylic Optivision vials and an accuracy of 0.0005″/”.  When you combine the quality of the level, available options and cost effectiveness these levels are definitely worth a look next time you are in the market for a new level.

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