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Energy Guardian pull-down R-38 ladder Cover PS1-38-11A

The attic entrance has been and commonly remains the most overlooked source of energy loss in many homes. ESS Energy Products is a family-owned and operated company whose founder and CEO is an Army veteran who proudly served our country. ESS has a goal to provide cost-effective products to make energy conservation painless and profitable for every client in the USA.

The Energy Guardian Attic Access Cover immediately got my attention due to the R-38 insulation value. While building new construction homes with pull-down stairs we came across a common problem of how to properly insulate the stairs. Here in CT, the code requires that the stairs meet the same insulation value as the rest of the insulated ceiling. In these new homes, the ceiling was insulated with R-38 so we had to figure out how to achieve the R-38 value for the pull-down stairs. After looking at several options that did not provide sufficient insulation value we ended on The Energy Guardian Attic Access Cover.


• An R-value of 38 makes it one of the most thermally resistant covers on the market
• Easy to install and use, it comes complete with adhesive needed for assembly
• Equally effective in hot and cold climates for your hatch/folding attic ladder
• Grants easy access to the attic using a removable front section
• Seals home from containments.

We currently have the Werner Energy Seal attic ladder installed, which we previously reviewed here. The Werner ladder is a great product that seals well, however, the foam pad that comes with it only provides an R-5 value. There are many other covers and tin bags out there that neglect to report the insulation value or don’t provide nearly enough insulation for our needs. Most professional insulators even build their own cover from foam board, but most of the board also does not come near the R-38 value of The Energy Guardian Attic Access Cover.


The Energy Guardian Attic Access Cover is very simple and somewhat enjoyable to install. Once you remove the item from the box you have to glue one side of the frame section together with the provided glue and install the handles. Once the glue is dried it will be secured in the attic space with the provided glue. If your mounting surface is not level you will need to fill the gaps with foam (not provided). The directions are easy to read and the complete installation took me about 45 minutes in total.

Well designed

Here you can also see how the cover would rest when gaining access to the attic. Once the lid is removed it is placed to the side. The front of the frame is not secured with glue allowing the homeowner to be able to slide it out of the way to enter into the attic safely. Metal brackets on the side also help keep the foam tight when the side panel is installed.


The Energy Guardian Attic Access Cover is well constructed. While researching online, one review compared the foam material to a 711 beer cooler which had me pretty worried about the quality of the foam. This review was absolutely wrong. A 711 beer cooler is flimsy, crumbles quickly, and struggles to hold some beer bottles without cracking. The Energy Guardian Attic Access Cover is of excellent quality. It is made from a very thick high-density foam that does not chip off easily. I am fairly confident that I could step on this cover and it would not crack the foam. This foam is strong and meant to last for years.

One Piece vs Two

It should be noted that If you purchase The Energy Guardian Attic Access Cover from a retailer that stocks the item locally you can pick it up as a one-piece cover, as reviewed. For shipping purposes, if you purchase online and choose to have it shipped, the long sections (top and sides) will have to be glued together with the included glue. The glue is powerful and a 2 piece cover will not affect functionality once the glue is dry.

Final Thoughts

The attic entrance has been and commonly remains the most overlooked source of energy loss in many homes. I believe that The Energy Guardian Attic Access Cover is one of the best products out there to seal your home and provide an impressive R-38 value over the attic stairs. It is perfect for older homes and newer homes. This cover is well made and easy to install if you have the ability to conquer smaller DIY projects yourself. It is exactly what is needed to properly insulate and seal your pull-down stairs against the heat, cold, and attic debris. If you have a set of attic stairs in your house I would not hesitate at installing this Energy Guardian Attic Access Cover.

Cost / Where To Buy

The Energy Guardian Attic Access Cover two-piece unit can be purchased from Lowes or Home Depot for $256.79. Keeping your house warm and sealed from the attic is very important to prevent energy loss. I think that this is an excellent price for an excellent product that will eventually pay for itself in energy savings. Backed by a 20-year warranty I firmly believe that this product is of great value for a reasonable price. The one-piece units can be purchased from a local distributor such as idi-insulation, if there is one in your area for about the same price.


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