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Custom Wood Radiator Covers

Custom Wood Radiator Covers

Building Custom Wood Radiator Covers

A few years ago we installed these custom radiators in a home and then were called back to  make a custom radiator for this wall hanging radiator which is located in a rear hallway.

The client was hoping that a custom wood radiator cover would improve the aesthetics of this old steam wall unit.

Why Use A Radiator Cover?

Custom wood radiator covers are a great way to finish off any exposed radiator, especially an old steam radiator.

A wood radiator or baseboard covers has a elegant look, and style that allow you to personalize and enhance the the look and feel of any room.

Wood radiator covers are easily removed and painted where radiators are more difficult to paint and often have been painted poorly.

Baseboard Radiator Covers

Radiator covers are a great way to cover up and hide tired, dented and badly painted baseboard heat covers. Often times if the existing baseboard radiator cover is over twenty years old that style is no longer available.  In order to replace the cover you have to have a plumber install an entire new heating element.

Custom wood radiator covers are also a great way to improve the appearance of your radiators, and add color to any room.  Additionally they can add a shelf space adding to decor and storage options.

Examples of Wood Radiator Covers

 Custom wood radiator covers can be made to suit your decor and can come in a variety or materials, sizes and designs.   Its really up to your imagination and skill as to what you’d like to create.  Below are some photos of covers that we installed.




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