How To Repair Lawn Irrigation Pipe

By Robert Robillard

How To Repair A Damaged Pipe In A Lawn Irrigation System Lawn irrigation is something most people install and then forget about. Leaks in these types of systems sometimes show up as puddles or geyser’s of water shooting from the ground.  This article will show you how to repair lawn irrigation pipe. Possible causes for…

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Redington Sonic-Pro Waders

By Ben Carmichael

Review written by Sarah Green Carmichael Women’s Waders: Redington Sonic-Pro Review “How’s the booty?” asked my father-in-law, inquiring about my new women’s Redington Sonic Pro waders. “It’s great!” I enthused, explaining how my new waders allowed plenty of room for layers underneath, while not feeling too bulky. He looked confused, and so I explained that…

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