Bostitch 2.5 Gallon Compressor BTFP01012

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Bostitch 2.5 Gallon Suit Case Compressor BTFP01012

Stanley Bostitch 2.5 Gallon Compressor BTFP01012

The folks at Stanley Bostitch have come out with a new heavy duty contractor compressor.   The Bostitch 2.5 Gallon Compressor BTFP01012 was designed for trim work and one man framing.

After reading the product description, it had my attention and this compressor would bridge the gap between my 20lb trim and 54Ib oil compressor.

First Impression:

After opening the box, I then pulled out the compressor getting a feel, and noticed how light weight and balanced it was. 

The roll cage on it will do a good job of protection.  On the roll cage it has a heavy molded rubber trim attached. This will be a great feature on finish projects or repairs to a client’s home so that you don’t mark up the floors. With the rubber protection you can place this compressor on any surface.

The suit case style design makes it compact which is a must for my remodeling projects.  I personally do not want to lug in a bulky, heavy, oil filled compressor to my client’s second floor to trim out a room. The option of standing it vertical or laying it flat is also a nice option.   The built in cord wrap holds the cord tucked off to one side which is a nice touch and one feature that has long been over due.

Specifications and Features:

  • 2.0 SCFM delivered @ 90 PSI pump, 2.5 gallon tank and 150 max PSI for quick recovery
  • Durable oil free pump provides extended maintenance-free operation
  • Noise:  82 DBA
  • Roll cage and control panel provide protection to key compressor components
  • Bostitch high efficiency/low amp motor for easy start up in cold weather or extension cord application 12GA 50 ft or less
  • Runs off of a 15 amp circuit
  • Lightweight and compact design making it easy to carry and store
  • Ball valve drain allows for quick and thorough tank draining
  • Two quick couplers for 2 man operation
  • Bostitch high flow regulator and couplers to maximize nailer performance
  • Weight 32 Ibs
  • Product (W x L x D) 16 ¾” X 19” X 12 ½”
  • Maximum Pressure 150 PSI

    Bostitch 2.5 Gallon Suit Case Compressor BTFP01012

On the Job Site:

My first job I used the Bostitch 2.5 Gallon Compressor BTFP01012 was an exterior door replacement.  I had set the compressor up at the bottom of the basement stairs.  I ran the hose up to complete the interior casing and found the regulator adjustments convenient for the hose line.

The ability to run two hose lines was a nice improvement rather than a 3-1 off one compressor like I usually have to do. I did find the compressor loud but it was also echoing in an unfinished basement.

With the 2.5 gallon tank and using my finish nailer, I found the recovery time to be minimal. The next day we had to add a band moulding to the exterior with an outside temperature of 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  I set up the compressor on this cold morning plugging it into the 4 way GFCI outlet I use off my 50’ extension cord 12ga.  I turned on the compressor and ran out the hose line. The compressor fired up without any hesitation and that is one thing I dislike about my 4 gallon twin stack oil compressor. Having this compressor that can frame to finish, light weight and start in cold weather is a complete package.

On a second project I set it up in a hallway standing it in its vertical position.  I used the air coupler from the side to avoid a trip hazard.   the project scope was to install a new interior door for a baby nursery.

Being able to leave the compressor set up in the hallway without causing a barricade for other people passing by as I worked was safe and very convenient.  

I was able to carry the compressor in one hand and in the other hand carry the hose and my bag of finish guns.

As I walked up two flights of stairs I was able to maintain my balance comfortably without having to lean in the opposite direction. 

The newer style drain valve Bostitch put on this compressor was another great feature.  No more “knuckle busting” with the old wing nut style or having to twist those little, round, 3/8’’ fittings to drain your compressor.   I will advise you to be careful opening the valve and your hand placement. A very large blast of air comes out forcefully!

Recovery Test:

I tested how many nails I could get into framing lumber before the compressor needed to recover. 

I let the tank fill, then used the framing nailer first,  getting 10 fasteners in before it had to recover.  With my finish nailer I was able to get 14 fasteners before the compressor recovered.  Both nailers were connected to a 50’ air line and regulated @ 90 PSI.

Bostitch 2.5 Gallon Suit Case Compressor BTFP01012


I would have to say my biggest complaint with this compressor is the noise, it’s loud at 82 dBA.   I would have liked to see a quieter compressor.  Since I do a lot of interior remodeling this is one feature I was closely monitoring.

Overall Impression:

After be able to use this Bostitch air compressor on multiple jobs I feel that I have found a happy medium between the two I currently own.  If you’re looking for a single compressor or to add to your collection this Bostitch 2.5 Gallon Compressor BTFP01012 would be the answer.

It is light weight, compact, oil-less, and has frame to finish capability. These are just some of the benefits you will get with this compressor.

How Much And Where To Buy?

TheBostitch 2.5 Gallon Compressor BTFP01012  can be purchased for $179.99 online here:  BOSTITCH-BTFP01012-2-5-Gallon-Suitcase-Style-Compressor

Between the features and the price this compressor is a win in my book.

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