Bosch Power Box 360 Radio PB360S

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Bosch Power Box 360 Radio PB360S

Bosch Power Box 360 Job Site Radio Review


Everyone Knows That Job Site Radios Take A Beating!

They get 2×4’s dropped on them, paint splattered on them, fall off staging, sit in piles of sawdust and are always the last tool to be “literally tossed” into the back of the truck. I’ve single handily destroyed a dozen radios and boom boxes on the job site.

So what’s so different about the Bosch Power Box 360 Radio PB360S?

Well for one it’s super cool with practical and versatile job site functions, plus it was designed to be withstand the harsh conditions of the job site.

The folks at Bosch recently sent me the Bosch Power Box 360 Radio PB360S job site radio to review and I was impressed with it “right out of the box.”


The Bosch Power Box 360 Radio PB360S seems very durable as evidenced by dropping it off my work bench several times while reviewing it. The Bosch Power Box 360 actually bounces!

I especially appreciate the Power Box’s weather-sealed digital media bay that offers secure storage and protection from moisture, dust and debris. I can now safely take my IPod to the job site.

The power cord is beefy as is the aluminum and rubber roll cage design. Rubber bumpers suspend the radio inside the protective roll cage. The Power Box 360 is isolated from the shocks and impacts encountered on the job site.

The Bosch Power Box 360 comes with a top handle but the roll cage functions well as a handle on any of the six sides. Everything about the housing and roll cage looks well made and rugged.


The Power Box 360 can charge Bosch 14.4V or 18V lithium-ion power tool batteries and if no power outlets are available the Power Box can run off of any 14.4V or 18V lithium-ion battery. Which is ideal for outdoor activities, gardening or beach trips.

If users do have access to electrical outlets, the Power Box 360 also serves as a power center. The PB360S model features built-in four-way power outlets and will supply power to any corded power tools, other battery charger, cell phones and laptop computers.

The power outlets have a protective spring loaded covers and all of the plug-in ports and charging compartments have durable rubber plugs and gaskets.

The Bosch Power Box 360 provides it’s lucky owner with many electronic charging and playback options; simply plug your IPod or digital media player in, close the door and get to work without worry of dust or damage.

If you do not want to take your media player to the job site the Power Box 360 digital media bay also features a built-in SD memory card and USB ports so you can play your favorite MP3 and WMA digital music files right from your SD memory card or USB thumb drive device.

The USB port also doubles as a powered USB port so that you can also charge most USB-enabled devices.


My wife is totally into music and is the one with the music ear, she thinks this radio sounds fantastic. Me, I’m just happy to have music on the job site and a radio that I won’t destroy.

The weather-resistant 4-speaker system and integrated sub woofer produce real nice sound in all directions with a whopping 26 Watts of sound output.

This five-speaker design with an integrated sub woofer is an industry first among job site radios. the result is high-quality, sound projected in all directions. Gone are the days of positioning your radio speakers to face your direction.

The Power Box’s AM/FM radio with 20 FM and 10 AM presets, 4 preset and custom equalizer settings worked well and was easy to use.

My Ipod connected and played well with the Aux. cord that came with the Bosch Power Box 360. The provided aux. cord is ok but I have an aftermarket cord that is longer and better quality, [thicker wire] that I will probably use.

360 Degree Stereo Sound – 4 speakers plus sub woofer project sound in different directions
A Sub woofer
Moisture & Dust-Resistant (IP rating of 54)
Aluminum & Rubber Roll Cage
Advanced Digital Tuning
20 FM / 10 AM Presets
5 Preset Equalizer Settings
Separate Bass & Treble Controls
Digital Media Bay
– Plays MP3 Players
– Plays Portable CD Players
– Plays SD Memory Cards
– Plays USB Thumb Drive Storage Devices
Aux 1 IN Port
Aux 2 IN Port
Line OUT Port
Battery / Charger Bay
Powered USB Port
4-Way Power Outlets
12V DC Adapter
– Charges Cell Phones

Charges Bosch 14.4V – 18V Lithium Ion Batteries
Watts: 26 W
Weight (lbs.): 25


The Power Box 360 is a rugged and versatile job site radio and power station. It is the most versatile all-around job site radio I have seen.

I did almost everything the Bosch Power Box 360 claims it can do from charging my cellphone, to playing my IPod, to charging a battery and plugging in and using power tools. It worked great and as claimed.

The PROS definitely outweigh the CONS with the Bosch Power Box 360 but I would be doing you and Bosch a disservice if I failed to mention all aspects of my review.

There were three things that I am concerned about with the Bosch Power Box 360. They are as follows:

Shape and weight:

The cube shape and 25 lb weight made one-hand carrying of the Bosch Power Box 360awkward. When I’m setting up and cleaning up a job site, my hands are full and I usually have more than one item in my hands. Having to devote two hands to carry a radio is not a time saver.

Sub-Woofer Placement:

The sub-woofer is located on the bottom of the Bosch Power Box 360 and about an inch above the ground. Bosch claims that the speakers are weather resistant but how will they hold up to saw dust, dirt, debris and snow? I’m not sure and will pose this question to the people at Bosch.

Volume and Tune Knobs:

There is no doubt that alot of thought and care went into the development of the Bosch Power Box 360. That is why I’m not sure why Bosch chose to make the volume and tune controls externally protruding knobs instead of rubber, dust sealed push buttons.

At the very least these knobs should be set back further to protect them from items falling on them. Let’s face it, where do most contractors set up their radio? At the power saws where the electrical power is usually located. I have cut many a board on my miter saw and had the waste end drop off and slam into my radio. To me, these knobs seem to be the Achilles heal of this awesome radio.

I approached Bosch with my questions and concerns regarding the sub woofer and volume/tune knobs and the Product Manager replied back the same day.

Here is the Product Manager’s response to my concerns:

The Product Manager’s comments: Sub woofer Placement:

Speakers and sub woofer are weather-sealed (IP rating of 54) to withstand things like dirt, dust, debris and moisture (like blowing snow). While Bosch is definitely committed to bringing best-in-class rugged durability to job site radios, it should be remembered that the Power Box 360 is still an electronic device. It is recommended that you keep this radio away from being placed in snow drifts or submerged in water, as it is not “waterproof.

The Product Manager’s Comments: Volume & Tune Knobs:

Like the rest of the control panel, the volume & tune knobs are also weather-resistant (IP 54 rating). Additionally, our user research indicates that users prefer large knob dials, as they are easy to control even with gloves on. Almost all job site radios have knobs like this, and even during repeated internal drop testing have we seen a relatively low degree of damage sustained by these knobs.

I was impressed with the Bosch Power Box 360 and highly recommend. I really liked the 360 degree sound quality and versatile power and charging functionality.

The Bosch Power Box 360 was built like a tank and will no doubt provide any contractor, D-I-Yer or homeowner a versatile, completely functional power station and radio all-in-one!


The Bosch Power Box 360 (PB360S) Job site Radio sells for approximately $ 219.00 and can be bought at or tool distributors online.

The Bosch Power Box 360 sells online here for $ 175.00:   Power Box 360 Deluxe PB360D

This review contains my opinion of a product. I take pride in providing my readers with an honest and objective opinion as well as a practical approach to using a product. I never accept payment in exchange for a positive review. Many of the tools and products are provided to for free by a manufacturer for review.

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