Bosch GRL-500 HCK Rotary Laser Kit

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Bosch Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Complete Kit Review

Bosch GRL-500 HCK Rotary Laser Kit

The folks at Bosch have come out with a new rotary laser, the Bosch GRL-500 HCK Rotary Laser Kit, which is self- leveling. I got the opportunity to review the complete kit and I quickly discovered that it makes some of the old style work tasks go faster.  In the past, I would need to use multiple sized levels to complete a project. With the GRL 500 and its grade rod, it’s the only level I needed. It worked well, efficiently and accurately.

GRL 500 HCK First Look

The laser and its accessories all fit well inside the case securely.  The laser appears to be rugged for jobsite use.  Having a pouch for the detector is a nice touch.  The carry strap for the tripod worked well when I collapsed it and carried it on my shoulder to see how it worked out.

Bosch GRL-500 HCK Rotary Laser Kit Specifications:

  • Range is 1,650 -ft
  • Material is plastic/composite
  • Accuracy +/- 1/16” @ 100 –ft
  • Laser diode is class II 635 nm, <1nW
  • Mounting treading is 5/8 – 11
  • Leveling is electronically self leveling, up to 6 degrees
  • Weight is 25 lbs
  • Battery voltage is 7.4
  • 2 year warranty

A Complete Kit Includes:

  • Rotary Laser
  • Remote Control Receiver
  • Bracket
  • Receiver Pouch
  • Grade Rod
  • Tripod
  • Charger
  • Plastic Carry Case

Bosch GRL-500 HCK Rotary Laser Kit in the field:

The first project I used it on I was mounting electrical metal outlet brackets on a new build.  Instead of running a level or chalk line around the room like I use to do, I used the laser level at the height that I needed to mount the brackets.

The self leveling Bosch laser self leveled and gave me a level line within minutes, saving me extra time to complete that task. The red solid line around the room to determine the height was great; one step done that was quicker and accurate.  I was able to set the laser up in one room and with the 360 rotary laser beams it gave me marks in the adjacent room plus a mark in the hallway. For my curiosity, I grabbed my 8’ level to confirm the brackets were level in height.  The result, it was spot on (see photo below).

Bosch GRL-500 HCK Rotary Laser Kit

I was able to use the tripod with the Bosch GRL-500 HCK Rotary Laser Kit on this project as well.  We were installing strapping around the room.  Mounting the laser to the tripod was easy.  The tripod was solid and well made.  It also folds up to a compact size and has a shoulder strap available.  Overall the tripod felt solid, no issues with adjustments and the protector caps on the feet is a nice touch from Bosch.

Bosch GRL-500 HCK Rotary Laser Kit

I brought the laser with me to test it out on grades & slopes.  My landscaping contractor was with me to set height, grade and slope on a new paver walkway install.  I set up the tripod and took the rubber feet off the bottom to allow the tripod to stabilize into the dirt.  Setting up the grade rod and attaching the Remote Control Receiver was easy and straight forward.  The receiver has a few benefits that my landscaper was impressed with.  The holder has a built in level and the receiver has a large screen to view and can be viewed 2 ways, on the face or on the back.  The audible beeps worked well and it has an adjustable volume on the remote control.

The GRL 500 HCK worked well for exterior grades. It was easy to use and had a lot great features for doing site work.  I asked the landscape contractor for his overall opinion on the Bosch rotary laser.  His answer was that it was a great laser, nice size and loaded with features.


Another feature that needs to be pointed out is the built in anti-theft protection. It automatically locks the tool when the receiver is removed for theft deterrence. The laser will have a movement monitoring sensor that triggers an alarm at the laser and receiver.  After triggered all functions are locked.

Suggested Improvements:

The ability to charge the laser while being mounted to the tripod would have been an added bonus. However, the cordless was great and did last throughout the projects.  The laser goes into sleep mode so having to remember to turn off the laser to conserve battery power is one thing Bosch took off your daily job site list.

Bosch GRL-500 HCK Rotary Laser Kit


The price of the Bosch GRL 500 HCK Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Kit is going for $1,181.80. Follow link below.


Overall Impression of the Bosch GRL 500 HCK Rotary Laser Kit:

The Bosch GRL-500 HCK Rotary Laser Kit preformed well on all projects and impressed us too at the same time.  I like how it saved myself time, was easy to use, and was spot on accurate.  Having this rotary laser tackle my projects on the interior construction and then going exterior to assist with grading the walkway was huge.  Overall, having a tool that saves me time and that is spot on accurate is a must have in my book.


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