Bosch DH507 SDS-Max Demolition Hammer

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Bosch Demolition Hammer

Bosch DH507 SDS-Max Demolition Hammer Review

I remember back in the day using just a 3lb hammer and a cold chisel to break up concrete or tile.  Or better yet, just a plain old sledge hammer.  I don’t work with masonry products on a daily basis but when I do, I prefer a demo hammer.  I recently had the opportunity to test out the new Bosch Demolition Hammer, model DH507.   Here’s my thoughts:

First Impression:

When I opened the box to the Demo Hammer I noticed that the carrying case resembles Bosch’s L Boxx from their Click & Go Storage Solutions. However, due to the size of the Demo Hammer it does not lock into this system.

What’s in the box:

The DH507 comes in a plastic carrying case.  The only accessory that comes with the tool is the 360 degree auxiliary handle. Included is 30ml tube of lubricant and a cloth to wipe down your bits.


  • Amperage: 10
  • Cord Length: 8’
  • Height: 11’’
  • Length: 18’’
  • Width: 4’’
  • Weight: 12.4
  • Impact Energy/EPTA ft lbs: 5.6
  • No Load BPM: 1,350-2,800
  • Rating & Voltage: 120V


  • Comfortable ergonomic grip area at the end of the hammer.
  • Variable speed trigger & adjustable speed dial.
  • SDS-MAX bit system for tool free changing.
  • Vario-Lock to rotate & lock chisel in 12 different positions.
  • 360 degree auxiliary side handle.
  • Innovative Service Modules designed for qualified service technicians to quickly replace the brushes and cord as needed.

Bosch Demolition Hammer

Using on job sites:

I was able to use the Bosch DH507 Demo Hammer on 8’’ round cement footings and some rock ledge.  I had an excavator coming in to dig a foundation and remove the ledge. In the mean time I decided it would be a nice playground for the HD507 to warm up.  Right out its case the demo hammer has good ergonomics, comfortable grips on the trigger handle, and an auxiliary side handle.  In my opinion, the 12.4 weight of this demo hammer is well balanced for all-day use.  Also, the auxiliary side handle has an over molded plastic stopper so your hand can rest comfortably on the tool while your other hand grips the trigger.

Bosch recommends using the slow speeds or low numbers on the speed control dial when demoing tile and plaster.  The high speed or higher numbers on the dial is designed for chiseling hard concrete.

I found the Vario- Lock system unique and useful.  This system is found only with the Bosch demolition hammer and it allows you to rotate the chisel in 12 different positions without changing the angle of the tool. This would be quite useful if you were working in a confined or tight space.  It’s a lot easier to have the chisel bit move than to have to contort your body in a confined space.   It all leads back to the compactness of this demo hammer, in this particular instance I was outside and had all the room in the world so this feature did not get in-depth testing.

The DH507 was smooth running, I was able to break apart the 8’’round footings in little time, using no effort.   The ledge I tested the hammer on was hard but it was able to break it down.  I was able to use this electric demo hammer at waist level and up above at my shoulders.   The noise level of the tool was minimal.  When I was chiseling eye and ear protection was worn and should always be everyone’s standing operating procedure.


I would like to see Bosch add a couple of chisel bits to the demo hammer.  It would have been a nice added touch if it came with 2 different style chisel bits.  I personally always look for a kit version on tools I purchase.

I found the tool to get a little warm to the touch at the motor.  The warmth I found to be expected, not hot to the touch like I have felt before on other power tools.  There was no burn smell like I’ve smelled with other power tools.

Break-In and Maintenance:

A Demo Hammer needs steady pressure for best efficiency.  All electric hammers have a warm up period and that depends on the climate you will be working in that day.  The average time is 15 sec up to 2 minutes.

A new hammer requires a break in period before full performance is shown.  The approximate time for this period could be up to 5 hours. Bosch recommends a set maintenance program for any of their electric hammers for long wear and efficient operation.  You also want to keep your air vents clean for efficient operation. They are located around the motor of the hammer.

Overall Impression:

My overall impression of the Bosch DH507 Demo Hammer is that it’s a great compact tool, that packs a punch.   This is a great tool if your looking for a demo hammer that is light weight and well suited for breaking up tile or busting up minor concrete projects.

The Bosch’s DH507 electric demo hammer has a compact design, powerful motor and a comfortable grip.  I liked that you can use the demo hammer without the side handle and still maintain a comfortable grip.

When I tested this tool, I used one of Bosch’s 1’’ x 16’’ SDS MAX R-TEC Flat chisels that is self sharpening.  Bosch makes a complete line of chisels and bits that are sold separately.

How Much?

The DH507 Demo Hammer can be purchased online for $440.00 here:  Bosch-DH507-12-Pound-Variable-Demolition

It comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.  Register with Bosch on their Product Registration page for your new tool on their website, some of the benefits of this free service include important product notifications & updates.

Another benefit to registering on Bosch’s website, would be to assist the police in the case of theft, or you if your the one caught stealing,  you can use it to break up rock on the chain gang!

Well done Bosch.




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