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BORA Clamp Edge Tool Guide

BORA Clamp Edge Tool Guide Review

As a carpenter and woodworker I am always reaching for a straight edge and two clamps to cut large plywood stock into smaller more manageable sizes to then rip on my table saw.

The Bora Clamp Edge makes for a super quick and easy rip guide for cutting with your circular saw, jig saw, and router. See my review below.

The folks at Affinity Tool Works recently sent me two Bora clamps to review. A 50″ clamp guide and a 100″ heavy duty, wide track clamp guide.

The Bora 540950 clamp edge from Affinity Tool Works is a straight-edge tool guide with integrated clamps. This clamp can be used in types of woodworking, cabinet making, professional carpentry and D.I.Y. applications.

The Bora 541100 Heavy Duty Wide Track Clamp Edge is an extra wide 3 – 3/8-Inch aircraft-grade, extruded aluminum body clamp and tool guide that allows for straight, accurate cuts and provides rigid clamping.

It’s the perfect edge guide for ripping plywood the long way!This all new heavy-duty clamp guide also has integrated “T” tracks for adding T-Nuts for jigs and tool stops. This guide is available in 24″, 42″, 66″ and 100″.

A large clamping handle allows for increased clamping pressure, while the soft-grip rubberized clamping pad insures that the material is firmly held in place without marring the work.

Photo: Using the Bora 540950 clamp edge at different angles – note black marker lines.


The Bora clamp edges appeared well made, the frame is made from
aircraft grade extruded aluminum which makes it light and durable.

Photo: Bora 540950 clamp edge set at 22.5 angle.

The Bora edge clamps has a unique swivel head design will allow the clamp to firmly clamp angles up to 22.5 degrees. This feature gives much more flexibility for all types of clamping and cutting applications.

Soft-grip rubberized clamping pads ensure that the clamp stays in place but does not marr your work surface. [photo below]

The clamp frame is constructed out of sturdy aircraft grade extruded aluminum body which makes it light but super durable for continued job-site or workshop use.
These clamps come in four sizes: 24″, 36″, 50″ and 100″, and can easily clamp and cut everything from dimensional lumber to large sheets of flat building materials.

Using this clamp with “T” tracks allows DIYers and woodworking enthusiasts a plethora of workshop jig options when used with lever clamps.

Built out of aircraft grade extruded aluminum body for lightweight and toughness this clamp ensures straight accurate cuts and rigid clamping.

Large, over-sized clamping handle allows for increased clamping pressure, while the soft-grip rubberized clamping pad insures that the material is firmly held in place without marring the work.


Before using the Bora clamp in the field I tested in in the shop where I practiced cutting straight and angled lines on scrap plywood. The guides worked well.

In the field I used it to cut splices in wide corner boards that were rotted and needed to have a new board scabbed in. I also used it to cut down 1/2″ plywood to smaller more manageable size for my table-saw.The clamps worked extremely well, making straight and angled cuts. The clamps offer plenty of grip, no slipping, so the tool your using against the guide stays on track.I initially had some difficulty sliding the clamps back and forth when fitting them to a few boards but this was quickly overcome after using the clamp a few times.

If your like me, once you have these clamp guides you’ll start thinking of other ways to use them. Here are a few of my zany uses:
I clamped the large 100″ clamp to a short section of wall [corner to corner] in order to hold plastic sheeting to the wall. The plastic sheeting was as a temporary “lean to” too divert overhead dust away from an area I was working on.

The clamp also served as an attachment for my clamp on spot light that I needed to get closer to the work surface for better lighting. The options are endless.


I was impressed by and enjoyed reviewing these clamps. They are sturdy, versatile and practical. They will no doubt save you time and money. These multipurpose straight edge clamps can provide you with many cutting and clamping options, as well as other uses at home, in the shop or on the job-site.
Both clamps come backed by the BORA Lifetime Warranty. That’s impressive!

The Bora Clamp Edge Guides can be purchased at many online stores or at

50″ Clamp Edge Tool Guide or 100″ Clamp Edge Wide Track

This review contains my opinion of a product. I take pride in providing my readers with an honest and objective information as well as a practical approach to using a product. I never accept payment in exchange for a positive review. Many of the tools and products are provided to for free by a manufacturer for review.

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