The Most Common Locations for Roof Leaks

Finding roof leaks have often been associated with the idiom: "finding a needle in a haystack." It's difficult and often seems impossible to do. Here are a few methods that have proven useful to me as well as possible locations to look for roof leaks: 1. Inspect Roof and Sidewall flashing:   Most of all the roof leaks I have dealt with involved improper or damaged, flashing. Flashing's are transitional roofing materials. They connect a … [Read more...]

Installing A Roof and Gutter De-Icing Kit

  I finally experienced an ice dam leak in my own house. My roof is 17 years old and almost ready for replacement. I had a small roof leak into 1st and 2nd floor ceilings, near the two far right windows.  It was time to buy time with by installing a roof and gutter De-icing kit I've written several posts on how to prevent ice dams. See past posts. [Then scroll down] My issue with this roof is that there is only 36" of ice and … [Read more...]