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Winner Of Weekly Giveaway 2/21 Final Cut Saw Blade

Each week one lucky person will win a tool or accessory from one of the tool companies featured on my giveaway tab.  Please take a moment to visit their site and make some recommendations for tool giveaways.

This week’s winner of my weekly tool and accessory giveaway is William Whalen, Concord, MA.  William is a regular reader of this site and although we live in the same town I do not know him.  I’m thinking I should meet him though!

Congratulations William you win a very cool and innovative saw blade from Final Cut.

Final Cut Saw Blades:

Final Cut saw blades, come in 7-1/4,10″ and 12″ and have sanding disks glued to both sides of the blade.   Final cut claims that you can cut and sand your work piece all at one time. These blades can be attached to a table saw, miter saw.  Check out my review on these blades here:  Final Cut Saw Blade Review

Final Cut Blades Feature:
1. Step-saving blade “no sanding required”
2. Kick-back is greatly reduced
3. Eliminates binding of saw blade
4. The blade does not heat up
5. Precision cutting of joints—every time
6. Designed for cross cuts and rips on soft and hard materials
7. Completes two jobs at one time—Removes the kerf marks and creates the ultimate finished cut producing a smooth sanded finish at the initial pass.
8. Can be used on Miter Saw, Table Saw, and Radial Arm Saw
9. Abrasive discs are used on both sides of blade for double sided sanded finish
10. Disc can be trimmed to fit any size blade using standard scissors

The Final Cut blades abrasive disc is actually wider than the blade kerf so that the disk will sand the wood as it passes the blade.
This thickness is one important thing to remember when measuring and setting up the table saw fence up for a cut.  Typically I measure from the fence to the saw blade teeth. Here you need to measure to the sanding disk for an accurate sizing.

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