Werner 2-in-1 Dual Purpose Ladder

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Werner 2 in 1 Dual Purpose Ladder DP6206 Review

The Werner 2-in-1 Dual Purpose Ladder was specifically designed for service crews, electricians and general contractors, to give them the option of a step ladder which easily converts to an extension ladder. In my neck of the woods we call that a “Two-Fa.”

Constructed out of lightweight fiberglass these combination ladders have an innovative design, and latch mechanism that “flips and clicks,” to easily and quickly convert from a stepladder to an extension ladder.

Werner Offers 3 Sizes

  • 6-foot step ladder which converts to a 14-foot extension ladder
  • 7-foot step ladder which converts to a 16-foot extension ladder
  • 8-foot step ladder which converts to a 18-foot extension ladder

Werner DP62026 Heights

The Werner DP6206 ladder we reviewed is referred to as an 11-foot ladder, with a 300 lb weight rating and allowed the following working heights:

  • 10-foot maximum reach as a step ladder
  • 13-foot maximum reach as an extension ladder

Space Saving

Having the option for both a step ladder and extension ladder not only saves space but eliminates time and energy required to bring two ladders to a job-site. The dual purpose design also saves you money on ladder purchases and stores similar to a step ladder.

The ladders rated as Type 1A fiberglass professional-grade feature some innovate features to make you more productive but also safe, such as, V-Rungs, full size steps and non-conductive materials. We explain that in more detail below.

Cost Saving

At first glance you might think that this ladder is expensive. The Werner 2-in-1 Dual Purpose Ladder DP6206 costs approximately $250.00. When you stop and think about the cost of two ladders, your actually ahead of the game. The DP6202 is cheaper than buying a 6-foot [Type 1A] step ladder and an equivalent extension ladder.

Integrated V-Rung

When the ladder is extended as an extension-ladder mode, the top rung features an integrated V-Rung allowing the ladder to be used safely on trees, poles and corners. This V-Rung keeps the ladder in place and prevents it from sliding.

Oversized, molded ProGuard Boots

Oversized, non-marking and high-visible yellow footpads are key to keeping this ladder stable and secure. The ladder sits stable, and grips the floor.

Full-Sized Steps

Every step on this ladder is the same, the steps are a full-size 3-inch step that offers plenty of foot support and stability. We liked this better than some competition type ladders that have extension ladder round-type rungs which cause your feet to fatigue over time.

When set up as a step ladder there are steps on the opposite side of ladder, but the angle is not comfortable or safe enough to call it a dual sided step ladder. If Werner can figure that one out, MAN would that be awesome!

Transport and Storage

The 2-in-1 ladder absolutely takes up way-less space than two ladders, and easily stores inside a van or trailer. The ladder design is lightweight, and easy to transport, both inside vehicles and maneuvering inside residences or furnishing.

Non-Conductive Construction

The Werner 2-in-1 Dual Purpose Ladder is non-conductive, which is important when working near electricity.

Final Thoughts on the Werner DP6206

Having the immediate option to turn a step ladder into an extension ladder was a huge time saving step for me.

I also found myself NOT taking unnecessary risks, like using the “top-step,” like we all do, or have done.  When I found myself at the step ladder limit, and needing more height access, I simply flipped the ladder leg, and locked in the lever mechanism. Gaining additional extension ladder height, fast and easy without having to transport, store and access a second ladder was huge.

I definitely found many uses for the Werner 2 in 1 Dual Purpose Ladder, we’re actually considering purchasing one for every truck, after all its a “Two-Fa!”

We’re impressed, home-run Werner!

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