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Using Refillable Mugs


What about adding Re-Fill to the three R’s below

My blogger friend at ArtSpark Theatre has motivated me to re post this.
Coincidentally, another blogger friend, Concord Pastor, told me today that he purchased a stainless steel re usable cup after reading this earlier blog post.
There are many things we as individuals can do to reduce waste and help the environment.I drink at least two cups of coffee a day that’s 365 x 2 = 730 cups a year!
One thing that I’ve been trying to do is use a re-usable cup or if not available ASK for a paper type cup instead of the Styrofoam cup.
The reasons for Styrofoams popularity is that it has excellent insulating properties for keeping hot products hot and cold products cold much longer than disposable paper cups and boxes.Styrofoam – Alarming Statistics
Did you know that over 25,000,000 Styrofoam cups go into landfills every year?Styrofoam makes up 25% of our landfill space and is not recyclable, so any cup you use today will still be around 500 years from now.
Incinerating Styrofoam is not an acceptable alternative to burying the impervious material, as it gives off over 90 different hazardous chemicals, including styrene vapors and dioxin.So why not give the re-fill able cup a try?
Let’s add “Re-Fill” to the three R’s above?
~ A Concord Carpenter

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