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Using Labels On Tools

Labeling and Organization in Workshop

Increase Efficiency and Organization by Labeling Tools

Being organized is a way of life for me – it helps me navigate life’s chaos! Imagine a workshop where you can find every tool, jig, and board almost without looking. The secret is using labels on tools.

One aspect that I’ve incorporated into my tool organization is labeling toolboxes and tools. Let me explain:

Labeling Tool Boxes

If you store your tools in their boxes, labeling tool boxes assist you, or someone working with you, to quickly assess which tool you’re looking for.  The same principle applies to parts and fasteners.

Using Labels On Tools – Markers, Pens, Label Machine

Labeling tools can be as simple as a black marker, white paint marker, or real laminated labels. I prefer the latter but have used all!

I have three routers and all three wrenches for them look the same, but their not the same. Labeling them saves me from the aggravation of fiddle around trying to find the correct wrench. A simple permanent black marker makes quick work of this.


Using Labels On Tools

Why in the world would you want to label a tool if you know what it is?  Well, I’m not talking labeling a vacuum a vacuum. I’ m referring to consumable accessories like vacuum bags, HEPA filters, specialty bulbs, etc.

For example, I mark my workshop Delta Air Filter with the replacement filter bag so I can quickly find the part number to order replacement filter. I do the thing with dust extractor vacuum bags and HEPA filters.

Using Labels On Tools is fast and saves time researching the tool or searching for the manual.   Speaking of manuals That’s a story for another day! Read 2 VERY COMPELLING reasons to save tool manuals.

Labeling Tools Video Tip

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