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Saving Tool Manuals

2 compelling Reasons To Save Tool Manuals

I’ve been working with tools for over 30 years and have acquired a lot of tools over the years. Saving tool manuals was a thing I’ve always done for future repairs and part orders. I still do this today.

Tool Manuals Identify Parts – Schematics

While many manuals can be searched online, it is often faster for me to pull a manual to look at a part schematic for a replacement part. Saving tool manuals are also useful when needing to square up or adjust a tool. Just the other day I noticed my Rockler Pro Lift router place was dropping after I set it. A quick read of the manual instructed me to an adjustment that required a quarter-turn of a few set screws.

Proof Of Ownership If Tools Are Stolen

Another benefit is proof of ownership if stolen.  Who here saves tool receipts and can access them 4-8-10 years later?  Well, several years ago we experienced theft of tools in a local HD parking lot. The insurance company accepted tool manuals as proof of ownership and offered some compensation.

I keep some file organizers in my shop cabinet and store all the manuals in one location for quick access, it takes little effort and saves TIME dividends over the life of the tool.

Now that we’ve covered saving tool manuals, let’s look at labeling tools for organization and also quick access to replacement consumables.

Saving Tool Manuals video Tip

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