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Tips For Using A Drill Press

Delta Drill Press

Using A Drill Press

Tips for using a drill press include matching the speed of the drill to the bit being used and matching the drill bit to the material being drilled.

Tips For Using A Drill Press:

1. Use oil when drilling metal to help cool the bit and lubricate.
2. Clamp the piece securely down.
3. Change speeds for different drill bits and drill to the right depth.

Guide for drill press speeds:

Below is a picture of my drill press. The speeds are changed by moving the belt on the pulleys. A chart affixed to the drill motor indicates the speeds of each pulley.

See WOOD magazines drill speed chart.

Bottom line: “Going slower usually doesn’t hurt, and will prolong tool life. “

See Smoke? Slow down

If the chips are smoking, turning brown, or the outer edge of the drill bit is chipping, go slower or add some cutting oil / coolant.

In general, a slower-than-recommended spindle speed won’t hurt anything except in the case of extremely small drill bits, say smaller than 1/16″. With small bits, it’s hard to feel resistance from the metal, and therefore, very easy to push down faster than they can remove metal.


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