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Sidewall Flashing

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Sidewall Flashing

Importance Of Flashing Over Your Siding

Before installing siding, make sure that flashing is installed to prevent moisture from entering wall and roof spaces.

Sidewall flashing is an important line of defense in controlling moisture in wall assemblies as well as prevent a roof leak. Flashing intercepts and redirects the flow of water away from the interior of the building.

Install horizontal sidewall flashing extending from the top of all windows, doors and any horizontal trim or flat areas where water may collect.

The flashing should tilt downward to allow water to drain away from the house wall. Siding or trim should be ¼ inch above the flashing ledge. Do not caulk where the flashing and trim or other materials meet.

Flashing should always overlap in a way to drain water down and away. Roof flashing should overlap adjacent siding and not run behind it.

Never substitute using caulking in lieu of flashing. Caulking will inevitably fail and allow water to leak into the hose wall.

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