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GreenBagPickUp Has Reusable Dumpster Bags:

I discovered reusable dumpster bags about two years ago.  I’m a carpenter and run a small remodeling business in Concord, Massachusetts and before using reusable dumpster bags I had two options for trash removal.

One was to rent and bring a metal dumpster on site, if space was available.  The downside was that a metal dumpster can be costly and is sometimes too big for small jobs.   The other option was to pile the trash debris in a pile and have a local trash man pick it up.   The pile of debris option was always messy looking and in my opinion unprofessional.  Plus the materials had to be “handled” twice; once to dump it and another time to pick it up and throw it in a truck to go to the dump.

Shortly after discovering reusable dumpster bags I found a local waste and recycling company  that handled picking up these bags.   At the time did not have their own bags BUT would pick up any dumpster bag, even their competitors, at a better price!

 I now use for several

  • They’re a local company
  • Their removal fee is less than the competitor for dumpster bags.
  • They pickup competitor dumpster bags
  • they have exceptional customer service and scheduling.

Dumpster bags have saved me time and money on my remodeling jobs.  It’s a perfect solution for small renovations or clean up jobs  that are too small for a dumpster or where the location or the budget sustain a steel dumpster and its long term rental costs. Now has a 3-yard REUSABLE Dumpster Bag

Now is producing selling and servicing their own reusable dumpster bag and continue to pick up competitor dumpster bags.

The keyword here is “reusable.”   Yup, will sell you the bag, pick it up and dump the contents and recycle the bag.    Once you try a reusable dumpster bag you’ll fall in love with them.

The dumpster bags are sold locally and are individually packaged in convenient plastic carry bags by Heritage Industries, a division of the Northeast Arc, Life-long Support for People with Disabilities right here in the USA!

As a local business owner I try to patronize local business.   It’s sometimes difficult to shop locally when you’re tempted by the big competitors that dominate production and sales.   But who are the people behind these businesses?  Do they care about their customers?  Who do you speak to when you have a problem or a complaint? is a local businesses who provide me with more options and better customer service than the big  competitors can offer.  With local business the likelihood of developing a friendly relationship with the owner or the employee is real and there are the added benefits of ease in transactions, returns and potential problem solving.

If I have a hardware or lumber problem at Home Depot, can I call, ask for and actually speak to the owner  as I can with my local hardware store and lumberyard?   If I want to have a custom cake made can I call Costco and speak to the baker as I can when I my local bakery?

For this reason and more, as long as I can recall, I have tried to do most of my business locally. 3 -Yard Dumpster Bags:

  • Cost $39.95
  • Max Weight: 3,000 lbs
  • Dimensions: 8ft x 4ft x 2.5ft (length x width x height)
  •  Schedule your dumpster bag pickup online or by phone 855-BAG-PICKUP (855-224-7425).

Other Ideas for A Dumpster Bag:

The old saying out with the old and  was a partial title of an article I wrote on these dumpster bags.  Time is money folks and these bags save you both!!

Acceptable items include but are not limited to:  Junk Removal, Bulk Item Disposal, Waste from Moving & Estate Sales, Clean-outs of Basements, Attics, Closets, Sheds, Garages, Barns & Offices, Flood or Fire Damaged Items, Renovation & Construction Debris, Cabinets, Drywall, Roofing Materials, Siding, Flooring, Tubs, Toilets, Furniture, even the Kitchen Sink!

Yard waste and organic materials are only accepted in limited areas. You must adhere to all regulations regarding the disposal of these materials in your area. To find out if these materials are accepted in your location, please click here.

All pickup requests should be completed WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS. You will always be provided with the first available time-slot. GREENBAGPICKUP.COM local service providers reserve the right to determine the exact pickup day/time within the 5 business day window. If you require service on a particular day, please call 855-BAG-PICKUP to make arrangements, additional fees may apply.

Local businesses employ and hire an array of direct and supporting local services: architects, designers, tradesmen (carpenters, electricians, painters and plumbers, sign makers), accountants, lawyers, insurance brokers, computer consultants, and advertising agencies to help run and maintain their businesses.

Support your local business!!


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