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Restoring Old Hardware

Restoring Old Hardware can yield beautiful results!

Despite the rich detail often found on older hardware, it can loose its luster over the years.

Sometimes metal hardware like knobs, escutcheon plates, handles window sash locks and hinges fall prey to messy painters, tenants and homeowners.

These people do not want to take the time to unscrew a doorknob or even just tape around it, that step generally gets passed over in favor of just painting the whole door — including knobs, hinges and existing hooks.

Remove Paint from Hardware:

Restore these gems to their original beauty with an “old school” approach and  soak the hardware in a crockpot. This method uses  a bit of liquid detergent, water and heat to break the paint bond.    A light brush or scrubbing with a nylon brush removes the stubborn bits.

Polish the Hardware:

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