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Komelon Stainless Steel Tape Measure

Komelon Tape Measures

The folks at Komelon recently sent me their 25’x1” Komelon Stainless Steel Tape Measure measure to evaluate.

According to Komelon, this tape combines two great features into one innovative and unique tape measure, a self locking feature and stainless steel components to prevent rusting.  Komelon is the first to introduce self-lock to the market and I think they may be onto something.

This Stainless Steel Self Lock tape measure was designed to be used in wet or dirty conditions, hmmm do those conditions sounds familiar.

The Komelon Stainless Steel Tape Measure spring, tape blade, and end hook are all made of stainless steel.

The silver colored, non-glare tape measure blade stays out when you pull out the blade.  This is convenient when measuring with one hand.   To return the blade all you do is depress the release button.

A unique patented magnetic end hook to better hold on metal surfaces.

This week I have been using the Komelon stainless steel tape measure and I really like the self-lock ” hold out feature.”   It feels right, like all tape measures should be set up this way!

For some reason I thought this tape would be heavy but it’s not.  In fact it feels the same weight as my other contractor brand tape.

Appropriately it rained on us a bit yesterday so it was perfect conditions to be testing this tape.  So far so good, my tapes usually last a month or two so we’ll see how this one holds up!

The outer blue wrapping is a softer rubber like material that is comfortable in your hand and  eliminates slippage.

Tape standout is lacking, I was only able to get the tape to extend out to almost 8 feet before the tape folded.  In my line of work I’d like to see a minimum of 10 foot stand out before the tape bends.

A stainless steel  tape measure like is invaluable for tile installers who are constantly using their tapes at or near the wet saw, not to mention contractors that work outdoors.

This tape sells for approximately $ 10.25 and the 16′ foot version sells for $9.00.


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