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Good Business Practices

Good Business Practices

Tips On Good Business Practices

When running a small business or any business for that matter there are a few rules that are always good to follow. Here’s a five good business practices that I use.

1. Always be honest:

Honesty is huge in business and life. If you are unable to meet a deadline or find yourself in over your head, then discuss it with your client. Avoid under delivering or “sweeping under the rug” tactics.

2. Make ethical decisions

Ethics is moral principles—it is a system that defines right and wrong and provides a guiding philosophy for every decision you make.

Ethics is about how we meet the challenge of doing the right thing when that will cost more than we want to pay or do.

There are two aspects to ethics:

  1. The first involves the ability to discern right from wrong.
  2. The second involves the commitment to do what is right, good, and proper.

Bottom Line – Perform your work and make working decisions, with the best interest of your client in mind.

3. Over deliver:

Your reputation and the quality of work you deliver are what keeps your customers returning and recommending you to others. Always over deliver whether expected to or not. Say what you plan to do, and then crush it!

4. Customer service:

Communication is huge here. Always thank a client for the opportunity to work for them and continually update them on the progress of the project.

Perform your work and make working decisions always with the best interest of your client in mind.

Make the clients experience with your company memorable. A happy client will be more likely to recommend your services than one who has for gotten or is trying to forget about their experience with your service.

5. Always strive to improve:

Whether you’re an artist or a craftsman there is always room to improve. Take the time and energy to read, research and learn new and improved techniques, materials and methods.

Becoming better will only make you and the service you provide that much more sought after.

Whats your rules?

Learn to be more organized.

5 Good Business Practices Video

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