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Zircon Leak Alert – Water Leak Detector

Zircon Leak Alert WiFi – Hubless Water Leak Detector with Audio, Visual and Email Alerts

A few years back my furnace pressure relief valve decided it was going to periodically leak water onto my basement floor. Luckily I always keep a 5-gallon bucket under the discharge pipe and I caught it when if overflowed and pooled in a small puddle. That leak could have cost me hundreds of dollars in damage, not to mention I keep all seven years of my business records and tax information in storage boxes nearby.

I have since relocated those files, and now have a $45.00 Zircon Leak Alert device in place to prevent this from happening again. I look at the Zircon Leak Alert as cheap insurance!

This story may have ended well for me, but others are not so lucky. Think about second floor washing machines, or water heaters letting go. While there are expensive flood safe and washing machine auto shut-off valves on the market, many require a plumber or electrician to install. Some even require a fee and an alarm company to monitor.

Zircon Leak Alert

We recently took a look at the Leak Alert WiFi, it is a WiFi enabled smart water detector and alarm that provides email, audio, and visual alerts as a water leak is detected. No hub is required as each Zircon Leak Alert WiFi works independently with your WiFi connection eliminating the necessity of a Hub to coordinate the individual leak detectors. Zircon Leak Alert WiFi can be placed in multiple locations, and can be named during setup. Set up is easy and the 3 minute set up process and a smart phone.

Zircon Leak Alert Locations

The Leak Alert can be placed anywhere you are concerned about water damage. Here’s a few areas:

How the Zircon Leak Alert Works

The Zircon Leak Alert is powered by a non-rechargeable, 3V (CR123A) Lithium battery. When the battery is low, the detector will send out an email alert and the unit itself will chirp every 30 seconds alerting you that the battery needs to be replaced. Zircon recommends replacing the battery once a year.

When the metal contacts on the Leak Alert sense moisture, the detector will emit a 105 db alarm, flash two bright red LED lights, and send email alert via Wi-Fi to all the configured email addresses. The unit is designed to float in the event of a flood so you will still be able to hear the audible alarm.

Cost and Where To Buy?

The Zircon Leak Alert WiFi sells online for $44.99 here: Zircon Leak Alert – Water Leak Detector

Prevent Thousands of Dollars in Water Damage

The Zircon Leak Alert will enable you to prevent costly water damage and the subsequent costly repairs. If utilized correctly it will allow you to find a water leak immediately and shut off the water until repair can be made. We look at the Zircon as “Cheap Insurance.”

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