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How To Control Remodeling Dust

zip door kit

ZipDoor Kit

I had received an email from ZipWall that I was selected in the ZipWall Sweepstakes that I had entered (doorway dust barrier kit). I have known about ZipWall products for a while now but have not had the chance to use them.  Rob and some of the ACC crew reviewed this product a few years back, but I wanted to try it too.

I received my ZipDoor kit in the mail and already had a project in mind to test this product on.

The kit includes:

My project consisted of routing around the HVAC floor vent to install a flush mount red oak vent. Besides using a dust collection vacuum system connected to the router. I decided to set up the ZipDoor to keep any air borne dust particles contained in the work space.


Installing the Zip Door

As I am opening the kit I noticed that the instructions are clearly illustrated on the back of the box.  They are also numbered and very easy to follow.  After looking over the pictures and reading the instructions I was able to install this kit in approximately 2 minutes.  The double sided tape that is supplied with the kit was very easy to work with. The plastic wall with the built in zippers hung flat and I had no issues.

The next step was to install the hooks to hang the plastic that gives you full opening to bring your tools/equipment in and out of the project site. This was my favorite feature. Once all the tools were in using the zippers was very smooth.  When the project was over I opened up the ZipDoor to find no traces of dust /dust film on the floor outside of the room.  The furniture throughout the house was also clean and clear.  This ZipDoor did its job to completely seal out the dust.

Overall Impression

This product is definitely a money saver and can be purchased for under $30.00.  I found it easy to setup with minimal down time to install.  I did not have to dust or vacuum the rest of the finished house.  After taken down the ZipDoor it neatly stores in its duffel bag.  I love having everything in one bag.  I do not have any improvement thoughts on this product.  This ZipDoor will be a great asset for me to save time on a job site from cleaning and move on to the next job faster.

I see myself adding this into my speech of dust contaminant when I an estimating for a new project.  I believe using this all day at a client’s home then rolling it up onto the hooks overnight for the client to still have access is a key feature.  Another point I like to add is that Zip Wall is a local company with headquarters located in Arlington, Massachusetts.

ZipWall products can be purchased through your local Home Depot, online dealers and at most of your local lumber yards. The best way to find your local dealer is go to and use their search under dealers.  They also offer “you tube how- to” videos on their products.  They also offer a commercial ZipDoor system and it’s sized at 4’ x 8’ for under $40.00.


How To Control Remodeling Dust
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