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Zanflare F1 Flashlight

Zanflare F1 Flashlight Review

Rechargeable flashlights are becoming more and more popular these days. In our opinion, the best rechargeable flashlight are LED and are rechargeable, such as the Zanflare F1 Flashlight.

As remodeling contractors we use flashlights for estimating, researching and evaluating structures prior to briniging in lighting and starting work. We recently too the Zanflare F1 Flashlight to the jobsite to see how it faired. Here’s our thoughts:

Fit and Finish

The Zanflare is a good looking light, constructed out of aircraft grade aluminum material. It has a knurled texture to enhancee grip. the bezel lens is slightly recessed and made of sturdy material with a Cree XP-L (V6) LED bulb. The high efficient LEDs used can provide a lifespan of over 50000 hours. The deep shaped reflector emits an excellent beam throw with good, neutral light quality and fill. The light output is a mix flood / spot with no shadows or spots.

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Designed to meet IP68 waterproof and dust protection, and withstand a 1.5 meter drop this flashlight is durable.   Users can control the light as per the requirements to produce a customized intensity. There are 7 different modes of light intensity available on the flashlight including the SOS signal system.

It comes with a metal, clip on pocket clip and a lanyard with an adjustable bead and detachable clip. I found myself aligning the metal clip with the mode button so II could find the buttone without looking at the light.

The bottom, end-cap of this light has a small glass break point. This is useful for emergency situations, such as, with automotive accidents or  submersions when the electronics fail to open windows.

Features and Specifications

Mini- USB port

Dimension and Weight

Package Contents


Zanflare Light Output

This light has two switches; one controls power, the other changes modes  The mode switch is located, on the side body, and cycles through the brightness of the light output, these modes are:

The mode switch cycles through the light out put by pressing the mode each time.  It has a memory, so the last mode will always be memorized when the unit is turned on.

“Flare” mode is activated by “double-clicking” from any position in the light cycle.  This Flare mode puts 1240 lumens out for 30 seconds and then cycles down to low output. You can manually turn Flare mode on as much as you need.

The strobe mode is activated by pressing and holding the switch in any mode. the strobe will emit a rapid flashing and bright strobe light. Once in strobe, you can switch to SOS mode by just clicking once. The SOS mode will deliver a Morse code SOS signal.  A second HOLDING press is required to return to the previous regular mode.

The tail cap switch has a push style button that has only one function – powering the light. It turns the light on or off.

Light mode switch


USB charging

USB Charging – Plug it in!

The Zanflare operates on 18650 lithium ion rechargeable batteries 18650 batteries have no memory effect, and can typically be recharged up to 1000 times and retain almost 75% capacity after three years of use. 

To access the micro-USB port there is a ribbed-ring below the side mode button.  This rin unscrews to reveal a mini-USB port. The Zanflare comes with a micro charging cable which inserts into the port, to charge. A small LED light to the right of the port will indicate red when charging and green when charge is complete.

Low Battery Voltage

The Zanflare will blink,  once every sixty seconds, to alert of a low battery condition.  When the battery is drained it will blink three times and shut down.


The ZanFlare F1 is a nice flashlight but we found the rear cap on / off switch stiff to operate. The mode switch is not stiff, and very easy to cycle through.


If you’re looking for a flashlight of simple operation, which also includes several of today’s most sought after features, I suggest you consider the Zanflare F1 as one of your EDC lights.

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