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WORX WG160 20V MaxLithium GT 2.0 12” Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower

Worx WG160 20V MaxLithium GT 2.0 12”

Written by:  Will Endicott

Today was an exciting day for us. We got our first tool to review for We were sent the Worx WG160 20V MaxLithium GT 2.0 12” Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower and immediately began testing.

What is the Worx WG160?

It is a 3-in-1 yard-working tool that converts from a grass trimmer, to a wheeled edger, to a mini-mower (for those hard-to-get areas). It is meant to address most of the needs of a typical homeowner, while being lightweight and easy to use and operate.

Primarily intended for homeowners with moderate to small yards, the GT 2.0 is a truly “green” option for yard maintenance and allows you to own and store one tool but get the job of three done!

What’s included?

First Impression:

Admittedly, before opening the trimmer, my hopes for the product were pretty low.  Given the performance and engineering of previous battery-powered trimmers, I assumed the GT 2.0 would perform similarly.

The unit was easy to set up, but I was annoyed that the battery had little to no “juice” out of the box.  I am used to tools being ready-to-go and this was a bit of a disappointment. However, the three spools that came with trimmer line already installed were a nice addition.

The engineering was surprisingly impressive with a telescoping handle, and numerous positions for the head to tilt based on the needs of the operator.

As a full-service contracting and remodel service in Missouri, we use trimmers frequently for property maintenance.  This particular model would not be able to handle the everyday rigors we put our trimmers through.  For the average homeowner, this trimmer would work well for small yards and garden beds that need to be trimmed regularly.

Using the Worx WG160

Given my generally low expectations, I was genuinely blown away by the performance of this machine.

My yard is pretty large and given my situation, I didn’t figure I was the target demographic.   However, my 83-year-old grandmother, who lives in town and does her own yard maintenance, would be the perfect tester.   She has trouble starting some gas-powered trimmers so the battery-powered option was perfect.   The lithium battery had enough run-time to trim her whole yard, (she has a privacy fence in back that requires quite a bit of trimming), and after a quick adjustment, she used the edger to clean up the edges of her walk-way.

She was particularly impressed with how easy it is to move from one function to the next. It is a simple “pull and twist” function to switch from one operation to the next. The line is self-feeding so no more “tapping” and the spools are quick and easy to trade out.

The WG160 comes with a built-in spacer guard that helps prevent trimming flowers or other plants that were not intended to be trimmed.  This feature is great for anyone that has experienced the frustration of accidentally cutting down unwanted landscaping.

Although it was short on power in comparison to a gas-powered trimmer, it has ample power for the average-sized yard and the run-time was longer than any battery-powered trimmer I have used.   The battery took approximately three hours to regain a full charge, so if the run-time is not sufficient to finish your yard, this would cause a major interruption.   You can purchase another battery to help, but this is one of the most disappointing parts of the tool.  It should come with two batteries.

The GT 2.0 is also very sleek in design and can easily be stowed away in a small space if storage space is not abundant.


Overall Impression

Geared towards the average homeowner and DIY-er, this tool exceeded my expectations.  The WG160 is a well-engineered and efficient machine. With adequate power and a longer-than-expected run-time, the ease-of-use and quick function changes, make this the ideal yard-maintenance tool for anyone looking for a “green”, do-it-all option without the hassles of gasoline engines. I recommend this product.

Where to Buy

The Worx 20V MaxLithium GT 2.0 12” Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower can be purchased directly from the Worx website ( for $99.99, or from any major home improvement retailer.

About the Author:

Will Endicott is principal of B & J Construction LLC. in Joplin, Missouri. He oversees the daily operations of the business and its staff and sub-contractors. He enjoys all aspects of construction, but particularly enjoys using his knowledge and experiences to help and educate people on the correct practices of the construction trade. Prior to his role with B & J Construction, Endicott was a Business major at University of Kansas. Will and his wife Ashley, have 2 children.


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