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Preventing Pipe Clamp Stains

Prevent stains on wood from black pipe clamps


Dear Concord Carpenter,

I recently tried your “pipe clamp extension clamp” on a project and it worked great!!  Thank you for taking the time to post that tip and video.

I have another questions for you.  How can I prevent the wood that I am clamping from getting stains on them from the black pipe clamps?

Thanks, Rodrigo


Dear Rodrigo,

Great question.   Some wood glue usually drips and adheres to the pipe clamp. Once there it contacts the pipe the water in the glue reacts with the iron in the pipe and can cause a black stain on the wood, especially with a tannin rich wood like oak.   The stain or dollop of glue can also dry and interfere with the pipe clamp sliding operation.  

The goal is to keep your metal pipe clamp separate from your wet glue joints.  To solve this problem I’ve seen woodworkers use pvc pipe cut offs as spacers, 2 inch strips of wax paper, or cover the pipe with tape.  I personally use blue painters tape and apply this tape directly to the clamp bar .

Your stain problem solved!



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