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Pipe Clamp Holder

Many time when clamping edge nosing’s on shelves I end up fighting the pipe clamps.  They are either rolling over, sliding away or difficult to adjust under the boards.

A simple set of pipe clamp holders solves this issue.  The holders hole the clamps in one position and a few inches off the table.  You can easily reach your hand under the boards as well as position and adjust the clamps.

How to make a pipe clamp holder:

  1. Use scrap plywood approximately 6” wide and as long as you need.
  2. Choose a Forstner drill bit that is slightly larger than the diameter of your clamp pipe.
  3. Draw a center line down the middle of your plywood and then mark off even spacing along the center line.  [e.g., every 3-4 “]
  4. Using a drill press or power drill bore holes at every spaced mark
  5. Rip the board down the middle on a table saw to create two evenly sized boards with 1/2″circles.
  6. Rip two 4” strips the same length as your boards with the half holes.
  7. Glue and screw these boards to the bottom of your 1/2 circle boards as a footing base.
  8. Mark the two jigs so you can align them and have the holes correspond to each other.
  9. Glue something up!
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