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Winner Of Weekly Tool Giveaway 12/14

Weekly Tool Giveaway giveaway

Each week one lucky person will win a tool or accessory from one of the tool companies featured on my giveaway tab. Please take a moment to visit their site and make some recommendations for tool giveaways.

This week’s winner of my weekly tool and accessory giveaway is Darrell from Mississauga, Ontario. Congratulations Darrell you win a Final Cut Saw Blade.

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Final Cut saw blades are the the latest in saw blade technology in saw blades.

They are fully patented and proven successful in cutting and sanding your work piece all at one time.  Use with table saw and power miter boxes for the perfect joint or finished edge.  No edge sanding is required after passing your work piece through the table saw and when making miters the joints virtually disappear.  Make minor length adjustments by simply sliding the work piece towards the rotating blade (just like a disc sander).  One operation produces two functions.  Try it and see for your self how easy it is to make the ultimate cut with Final Cut blades.

Everyone in this industry has been taught that the more teeth a blade has the better the cut is, Final Cut discs do not rely on the teeth to finish the cut so the number of teeth can be greatly reduced.  The abrasive disc is actually wider than the blade kerf therefore the stock is cut by the blade and sanded by the disc.

When you install the Final Cut sandpaper on the blade plates you essentially add a disc sanding function to its cutting action. What this means, especially for woodworkers and higher-end carpenters, is that you no longer have to send a ripped piece through the jointer to clip off the saw-blade swirls.

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