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Window Planter Boxes Look Nice BUT Are NOT Good for Your House!

The house pictured below has beautiful flower window beds which usually have flowers blooming all Spring, summer and even early fall.

In order to keep these flowers watered the homeowner had a drip irrigation system installed to automatically water the flowers.

The problem is that the combination of the water spray, over watering, wet flowers touching the window and the window trim not drying out all contributed in this very expensive window to prematurely rot and needing to be replaced.

Drip Irrigation and Lack of Gutters Hurt Window Sills

Below are a few picture of my initial inspection of this window.

Above: The flower bed was extremely heavy. There was only a foot of space between the house and bushes so removing the flower bed to inspect the window was going to be difficult.

We decided to install two pair of sawhorses and a few 2×6 boards on top to provide a table to rest the flower bed on while we inspected the damage.

Once the flower bed was removed we were able to determine if this rot was repairable of if the window needed to be replaced. Unfortunately the window sill rot was too deep and this window needed to be replaced.

Below: A close up of the drip irrigation hose. The sprayer head is installed next to each flower to water that plant directly. Problems arise when the pot overflows onto the window sill or sprays instead of drips.

Although these flower beds are pretty they often wreak havoc on house window trim and siding and ultimately case window sill rot.

The replacement window will be a maintenance free vinyl clad and wood interior window.

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