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Whirlpool Induction Double Oven Freestanding Range WGI925C0BS

Whirlpool Brand Launches Industry’s First Induction Double Oven Freestanding RangeWGI925C0BS-3

If I could add any item into my kitchen it would be an induction double oven.   What cook wouldn’t want a double oven when preparing multiple dishes for a large family or maybe a holiday party.

The Whirlpool Induction double oven freestanding range WGI925C0BS is the industry’s first blazing a trail for others to follow.   

This new product provides consistent and efficient cooking technology that makes life a bit easier for homeowners and in turn will help builders and re-modelers please clients.

The ovens innovation is based on consumer feedback and the desire to streamline the cooking process.  

Oven Capacity

The Whirlpool oven has a combined capacity of 6.7 cu. ft.  The upper oven has 2.5 cu. ft. of space and the lower oven and 4.2 cu. ft. or space.

Boils Water Faster

An 11 inch induction boost element has a rapid heat feature that can boil up to 25 cups of water in 50 percent less time.   this is based on boiling 6 liters of water with 11 inch 3,700-watt induction element versus 12,500-BTU gas burner.

The Whirlpool Oven has some interesting features:

A space age feature called AccuHeat™ induction transfers energy directly into magnetic cookware, so get to cook without feeling heat from the cook-top.

Another feature called TimeSavor™ convection cooking distributes hot air more efficiently to seal in flavors and juices with roasts and cook bread more efficiently.

 The Whirlpool Induction Double Oven Freestanding Range WGI925C0BS is available now at retailers nationwide.



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