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What to do if stopped by the police

Advice on what to do if stopped by the police

At almost every cocktail party I’ve ever been to I get asked, “What to do if stopped by the police.”  That question is second to, ” let me tell you about when I was stopped by the police.”

Advice if you find yourself being pulled over:

Red & blue lights and/or a siren mean pull over to the right where it is safe and where you will not block traffic.  So what’s the best procedure when stopped by the police?

If it is dark the officer will use a bright spotlight or flashlight to illuminate you and your car.

Upon request drivers are required to provide their license, registration. Depending on the circumstances, officers may request identification from passengers as well.

Remain in your vehicle, keep your hands where the officer can see them and follow his/her instructions. Consider placing them on the steering wheel or on your lap and visible.

Avoid sudden movements and do not reach for your license or other items until the officer requests them. If your license is not on your person and you need to reach somewhere for it – inform the officer first.

It may be reasonable and legal for an officer to require that you and your passengers get out of the vehicle, but do not get out until he or she asks.

Ask any passengers in your car to remain calm, quiet and comply with the officer’s instructions.

You may ask questions and provide an explanation of your actions, but arguing with the officer should be avoided.

Stay Safe ~ concord carpenter

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