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Weather Guard Saddle Box Review

WEATHER GUARD Saddle Box 127-52-03

When you drive an open pickup truck, you need secure, weather-tight storage. With this in mind, we recently installed a Weather Guard Saddle Box in one of our company pickup trucks. The truck box is also sometimes referred to as asaddle box. We chose was aluminum, 10.5 cubic feet, [full sized], and textured black matte in color.

Weather Guard Saddle Box | Product Size

Weather Guard Truck Sa=ddle Box | Specifications

Installing the Weather Guard Saddle Box

The installation was relatively easy. All we had to do was place the toolbox on the truck bed rails and tighten the bolts on the inside. We especially liked how the box is anchored down without having to drill through the bed.  The directions were also very straightforward, which was refreshing to find.

The one thing we didn’t like about the install was that it was slightly uncomfortable trying to reach under the toolbox to reach the bolts.

Favorite Features

There are a few stand-out features worth mentioning.  The first, which we really like, is that the box can be unlocked/ locked from either side of the truck. The tamper-resistant lock is sturdy and durable. The lid opens very easily and with ease with just a push of a button. Opening this box is a breeze.

The saddle box features a new style push-button lock that can code multiple boxes on a truck or entire fleet to the same key.

The second feature we liked is that the truck box lid opens a full 90 degrees, allowing full access inside the truck. Lastly, the saddle box is now compatible with the new PowerSync™ interior lights [12-volt]  and remote keyless entry accessories.

Using The Weather Guard Saddle Box

After using the box for several months we’ve come to appreciate the way the lid opens and closes. The lid is controlled by two heavy-duty gas struts that create almost a soft-close feature when closing the box. The struts are enclosed in protective shrouds to prevent contents from shifting or banging into them.

After several months of use, the textured matte black ARMOR TUF® finish looks great and resists scratches. It will no doubt last a long time.

The saddle box lid has a full weather seal that keeps the weather out.  This truck is parked outside, after sitting in the snow and dozens of rain storms we have not had any moisture infiltrate the box.


The exterior of the box has two integral, well-placed  D-ring lashing points that we’ve come to rely on, for securing loads and a rolling tool box. Such a nice feature!


We’d like to see the depth [front to back] a little wider to better fit our small cordless miter saw.

Overall Thoughts

After using the Weather Guard saddle box for more than 6-months we can confidently see it’s a KEEPER! We’re looking forward to purchasing additional boxes for our trucks and keying them alike, as well as wiring the lock to the truck’s remotes.  you can purchase this box online, the cheapest we found was at Lowes and Home Depot for approximately $940.00.

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