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Warmup Launching New WIFI Thermostats

Warmup 4iE Smart WIFI Thermostats with SmartGeo

Warmup, the world’s best selling floor heating brand, with over 2 million systems sold in 60 countries.  Warmup is ready to launch their 4iE Smart WIFI Thermostats and the MyHeating app for whole house comfort control.

Inner workings:

With built in SmartGeo technology the 4iE is a room base controller that does not need adjusting.  If needed you could touch or adjust manually.  The majority of all adjustments is automatically done by the self learning SmartGeo.  After your manual inputs it will create a schedule based on the inputs provided.  One of the features from the SmartGeo is it uses your cell phone location to determine whether you need heat or AC.

Not having to adjust the thermostat and having it know if your home or not is convenience plus one less thing to worry about.  The 4iE will be a cost saver for you with its features to automatically adjust the climate in your home.  The 4iE is designed for heating sources with line voltage like baseboards or electric underfloor heating systems.

About SmartGeo:

Using SmartGeo will reduce your heating usage by up to 25%.  It works by using your location services that is built into smartphones.  It will learn your routines; provide you the most efficient settings for your home.  With your home warm as you arrive and maintain an efficient level when you’re away.

The system will track you and as you get closer to home, it will increase the heat to your desired setting.  This will keep your home toasty upon arrival and energy efficient when away.

Sleek Design with Options:

The 4iE has a very sharp looking design with its high gloss effect front faces and beveled chrome edges that will flow with your wall colors.  There are a variety of vinyl overlays available in bold colors, textured metal or wood effects.  The last options are to use a custom photo to complement your walls.  Another feature that will benefit and I prefer is a large color touch screen.  This touch screen can be customized with different themes and up loadable photo back grounds.  Keeping with the temperature theme, the 4iE has a built in 7 day local weather forecast.



 Instead of using SmartGeo and you like to make a quick adjustment the 4IE has Natural Language Programming.  Natural Language Programming is easy to use, uses familiar terms and phases to understand the requirements for your heating program.  This is one example “what time do you wake up?.”  The inputs you desire will then build a simple sentence that will summarize your programming selections.


Have to Have:

The 4iE is available from all Warmup Resellers or go to .

You can purchase the 4iE in Onyx Black and Bright Porcelain.

Also available is the MyHeating app for IOS or Android and it is a free download.

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