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How To Repair Wall Plaster

Recently I received a question in the comment section on how to repair plaster walls:

Hi! I have a Wall Plaster Repair question, I am getting ready to repair my plaster walls (lord knows where I got this gumption) I was going to try this new tool method. [Magic Trowel tool]

Any thoughts or advice or methods you have used?
Thanks and happy renovating!

Wall Plaster Question

Hi Merry Down the Stream,

Thanks for posting.   While I’m not an expert at plastering I’ve repairs many, many walls.

When you say “repair the walls” what do you mean?  Small or large patches or Completely skim-coat the entire walls?

Small Wall Plaster Repair

Small repairs can be done with drywall compound which is much easier to work with and more forgiving than plaster.

I’m leery of any new tools that have not been out for awhile and field tested. The Magic Trowel appears to just a smoothing tool.  You will still need a hawk and trowel to apply the plaster.

Large Wall Plaster Repair

Plastering large areas can be tough if your a novice, I still have trouble with it. You have to work in small sections and finish before the plaster starts to dry out.

When to Hire A Pro

Anything larger than a 4×8 patch, I always hire a professional plaster. When working on others homes, it makes sense for me to have someone do it faster and better than i can.

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