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Venustas Heated Outerwear Review

Venustas Heated Outerwear Review

When I get the chance to team up with the boss on a review I don’t think twice! It’s very seldom we team up on reviews here, largely because we all have our own reviews going on. Venustas reached out to us back in July looking for coverage on their heated outerwear. Obviously, due to the summer months, we told them we would do it at the start of fall.

Founded in 2018, Venustas is an up-and-coming brand that specializes in cold-weather gear. Their commitment is to helping people adventure the outdoors in the winter with comfort!

Heated Jacket 7.4V

I decided to review the 7.4V Heated Jacket. Here in New England, the winters may get extremely cold! We frequently make an effort to avoid working outside, but sometimes it is impossible. Why not remain cozy? Compared to other heated jackets of a similar kind on the market, this one has heating panels that are 30% larger. This jacket warms up quickly after being turned on. In order to help with phone charging while wearing the jacket, the battery also contains a USB charging connector.

Heating Panels

There are a total of 5 carbon fiber heating elements in this jacket. Right and left shoulder, right and left chest, and back keeping you nice and warm.

Three Settings

This jacket has three settings and will offer a variety of run times


The heated jacket has a new, specially designed, skin-friendly, and silky silver Mylar thermal lining. It is stylish enough for everyday wear yet tough enough to withstand the elements on a construction site.

Jacket Price

The Ventustas heated jacket will run you roughly $149.00 with battery and charger. This jacket will definitely be a must in the cold New England weather. Purchase here: Ventustas Heated Jacket

Venustas Heated Vest 7.4V

As a remodeling carpenter, I like the mobility that a vest allows, when you add a heating element to it you’ve hit the trifecta of vests.

My first impression of the Venustas heated outerwear vest was how well-insulated and good-looking it was. The vest has a nylon shell, and Mylar interior thermal lining runs to the hip and is machine washable.

Heating Element and 7.4V Battery Pack

The vest is easily powered on my pressing and holding the button, under the chest logo, for 3 to 5 seconds. Once turned on a blinking red, circular-shaped, LED light lights up around the button. this indicated that the vest is in the pre-heat mode for five minutes. After preheating the vest will automatically adjust to medium heat.

The vest has four settings

To change heating settings you simply depress the chest button for 1-second, each press cycles through the heat settings, and pressing for 3-5 seconds will turn it off.

There are 5 carbon fiber heating elements that generate heat:

  1. left chest
  2. right chest
  3. left shoulder
  4. right shoulder
  5. mid-back

The jacket heats up quickly and is comfortable to wear. The vest insulation is warm even without the heat, waist area drawstrings cinch up the bottom of the vest to keep the heat in and stop heat loss through the “chimney effect.” Lastly, the nylon shell provides wind-stop protection.

Vest Design and Features

I have two favorite features on the Venustas vest when compared to my Milwaukee Vest. First, the power back is flat and does not protrude into my body when driving. Second, the zippered pockets are lined and do a great job of warming my hands.

The battery has a type-C charging port that enables you to heat vest and charge your phone at the same time, which is a nice feature. The battery pack takes approximately 6 to 7 hours to charge.

Vest Price

The Venustas vest sells for approximately $159 with the battery. In my opinion, it’s underpriced for the value. When I first agreed to review this vest, I honestly had zero intentions of keeping or wearing it long-term. After wearing it for just a week, I have changed my mind, I really like it. Recommended! Purchase the heated vest here: Ventustas Heated Vest

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