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Use a Test Piece To Avoid Carpentry Mistakes

Carpenter’s Tip – Use a Test Piece for Tight Fitting Parts

Practice makes perfect I always say, but so doesn’t test pieces.

Whenever I’m doing finish work and I’m making what I call a “money cut,” which is a cut that has to be perfect, I always cut a test piece out of scrap wood.  Using a test piece to pre fit wood is a great way to avoid carpentry mistakes.  this is especially useful with compound miters or other intricate parts that need to look and fit  great.

Achieve Tight Miters and Trim Parts

This is good advice for anyone but if your a handy person or DIYer and are trying something new, always practice the cut or technique first on some scrap wood.

Start the project in an area that is least visible. Like in a closet.   End the project in the most visible area because by the time the project is done your a pro ~ the learning curve has been figured out.

so remember if you looking to achieve tight fitting wood miters and joints Use a Test Piece To Avoid Carpentry Mistakes!

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