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Urethane Woodgrain Mouldings

Urethane Moldings And TrimUrethane Moldings And Trim: 

Side-by-side it’s hard to tell the difference between real wood mouldings and urethane woodgrain mouldings. However, long term the determination is easy: urethane products resist warping, rotting and insect infestations, so they hold up longer and better than real wood mouldings.

“In our woodgrain pieces the mold is cast from pieces of real wood to achieve authentic wood grain patterns and the unique characteristics inherent to each piece,” says Crystal Rodriguez with Fypon. “Coupled with the product’s low-maintenance aspects, these features make urethane woodgrain mouldings appealing to homeowners and building industry professionals.”

In addition to mouldings, Fypon offers woodgrain products in frieze boards, louvers and decorative millwork, such as brackets and corbels. The woodgrain affords homeowners the look of real wood both inside and outside the home while eliminating the maintenance hassles of real wood.

“Whether you’re adding a functional louver to the outside of a home or a miterless crown moulding system to the inside, woodgrain urethane products are ideally suited for all types of projects,” says Rodriguez.

Woodgrain millwork generally come with a neutral colored primer coat that accepts both non-penetrating stain and paint in any color. Unlike wood, the urethane pieces require no sanding in between coats or sealing of the pieces when the final look is achieved. Most importantly, the products are not deteriorated by high temperatures or humidity levels, freezing temperatures or salt air. This makes them ideally suited for bathrooms and kitchens inside the home, and for all areas on the exterior of residential and commercial projects.

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