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Triming Door Bottoms

Triming doors With A Circular Saw Rip Guide

Making a straight cut with a circular saw usually requires a careful hand. A better way is to measure and set up a strip of wood guide, use a rip guide or a track saw.   Having a straight cut is important especially when trimming door bottoms.

Rip Guide

Absent a track saw, a quick and easy method for trimming door bottoms is to us the adjustable rip fence that comes with the circular saw.

Many times when fitting doors you find yourself needing to rip a small amount off wood off the door prior to planing and fitting the door.

To do this I use the adjustable rip fence, pictured below. One tip when using this fence to to use your free hand to keep pressure on the saw / fence to keep it tight to the doors edge for the duration of the cut.

This rip guide isn’t fancy, and has no frills, but performs exactly what it is designed to do; keep the saw straight when cutting thin strips.

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