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Tips on How to Maintain your Lawn Mower in the Fall

How to Maintain your Mower during the Fall

Here at a Concord Carpenter we love tools and although we don’t make a living using our lawn mowers, it is certainly a tool we rely on and use regularly. Without a quality mower that is maintained to perform well our beautiful homes may be overlooked by our hideous lawns. This is especially important during the fall as our attention on the yard doubles and leaf removal becomes part of our landscaping routine.

As purveyors of quality tool reviews we want to help you maintain one of the most important tools you have in your garage or shed, the lawn mower. And with the rigors of Fall just on the horizon we thought these tips on how to maintain your lawn mower in the fall would be appropriate.


Keep a careful eye on where leaves accumulate on your Mower

Leaves and leaf mulch can build up and block air filter that bring clean filtered air into your lawn mowers engine. If these filters are blocked, your engine will strain for oxygen and pull unfiltered air into the engine which can reduce performance and damage your engine.


Sharpen your Mower Blades

In addition to the normal wear and tear your mower faces while cutting grass the fall adds the strain of leaf mulching. This additional material running through your mower can dull your mower’s blades more quickly. The cost of running your mower on dull blades can be up to 20% more fuel compared to the performance of sharp blades.

Develop a schedule to change out blades or have them sharpened each Fall and Spring. Do what works best for you and your yard, but just consider the benefits of a sharp blade and when you want that peak performance.


Inspect the parts of the Mower you don’t always see

Turn your mower on its side and take a look at the deck. You should ensure the undercarriage is clean and free to debris and accumulated clippings or leaves. Build up can reduce airflow and performance, in addition to accelerate corrosion during winter storage.

Be sure to clean the undercarriage as often as needed and definitely store your mower for the winter with a clean and dry deck!


Tune Up your Mower

Taking the time to give your mower a thorough inspection can make Springtime deployment of your mower hassle free, but also keeping up with the maintenance of your mower keeps performance at its peak making your weekend afternoons easier.


Prepare and Store the Mower for Winter

After the final push of Fall you won’t be seeing the mower for a while so be sure you won’t have to worry about it during the winter and have the confidence it will start right up come springtime. Add a fuel stabilizer to prevent separation of fuel components which can lead to engine corrosion. After you add the stabilizer, run the engine for 5 minutes to circulate the product.

Read more on the John Deere mowers pictured in this article.

Maintenance is part of our lives as Tradesmen and Women, and for the serious DIY-er you want your chores to be as quick and painless as possible so you can tackle bigger and badder projects around the house. Follow these tips and I’m sure you’ll breeze through your Fall lawn maintenance.

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