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Tip for installing Door Casing

Installing Door and Window Trim

One common problem when trimming a window or door is the jamb of the door or window does not come out flush with the interior wall. This causes the trim to rock.  Below is a simple tip for installing door casing.

In many of these cases it is necessary to install “extension jambs.” An extension jamb is a thin strip of wood that makes p the difference between the door jamb and the wallboard. Think of it as a shim to make both surfaces even out.

If the space between the jamb and wall material is small, say 3/16″ of less, you can use this tip with great success.

Tip for installing Door Casing : Flatten drywall

Use your hammer to bang down or crunch the Sheetrock down next to the jamb. Be careful as to not damage the Sheetrock out past the trim width. [i.e., what your trim will cover.]

This method evens out the high spots and allows the trim to sit flush on the wall and jamb.

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