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Tin Ceilings

source: Oldhouseweb

Tin Ceilings are on a come back

Tin ceilings were very popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s and graced many Victorian homes and stores in many areas of the United States.

Tin ceiling tiles were also used to cover over unsightly plastered or damaged ceilings.Tin ceilings had an added benefit – they were a good fire barrier. Many stores had apartments over them, and if a store caught fire, the occupants of the upstairs apartment had a better chance of survival due to the fire barrier resistance of the tin steel ceiling plates.


Over a period of many years, tin ceilings fell by the wayside and were replaced with ceiling tile, suspended ceilings, wallboard and plaster. In recent years, many people have uncovered tin ceilings during remodels and taken steps to preserve / restored them. Many people are also installing new tin ceilings for a historic and very classy look.

Many manufacturers sell tin ceilings. The panels are manufactured from several different types of metal, including tin, steel, copper, brass and even light weight plastic. Many companies have carefully reproduced the original tile designs.


I’m seeing tin ceiling tiles also being used in other applications, such as a back splash in a kitchen, as a decorating statement on such things as kitchen islands and stand up bars, and in the bathrooms. The tiles are easy to clean.

Image: oldhouse

A search of the Internet reveals many different applications for tin ceiling tiles besides using them on the ceiling. All that is needed is a bit of creativity and ingenuity to come up with a very unique aesthetic presentation.


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