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Thinium Recharge+ Portable Phone Charger

Thinium Recharge+ Portable Phone Charger

Thinium Recharge All in One Charger Review

My job depends on me having access to a phone, always on the go, I have to charge my phone as I travel. That means charging in my vehicle while driving, or using portable external chargers to boost and charge my battery when I can’t plug in.I recently took the Thinium Recharge+ Portable Phone Charger out and about with me to evaluate. I was curious to see if it would allow me to work from my phone and NOT slow me down in size, weight and extraneous cords.

What is the Thinum Recharge+ Portable Phone Charger?

The Recharge+ is a wall dock charger and portable phone charger, all in one. It has a high density, 3000mAh Li-Polymer battery pack that will charge your phone battery 1.5 times. The Recharge+ is compatible with Apple and most Android products. It was not designed to support tablets.

First Impression

The Thinium ReCHARGE+ is as thin as my iPhone 6, I really like how slim and portable it is. That’s a huger selling point in my book and a step forward from the previous charger I was used to using.

The Recharge+ case is sturdy, tapered, beveled edges make this charger perfect for slipping into my front or rear pant pocket.I immediately appreciated that the Thinium ReCHARGE+ no cables to deal with. I’m pretty rough with cables and as a result they tend to have a short lifespan in my custody. Also, when the cables are not breaking, they get lost or stolen.

There is a really innovative pop up usb plug design on the pack that allows my iPhone to dock nicely. Two surface mounted suction cups on the charger help to secure the Thinium ReCHARGE+ in place.

Versatile Charge Options

The Thinium Recharge+ can is a portable battery, and a wall charger all in one. It works to charge a phone from its rechargeable battery, a wall outlet or any USB charging source. The Thinium Recharge+ also has a pass-through feature that allows you to charge the pack you’re your phone simultaneously. It will charge you device with a 2.1amp charge.

We tested this out for a few weeks and noticed that it charged my iPhone 6 fast. When attached to the Thinium Recharge+ I continued to use my phone normally. I noticed that the phone would gain 1/3 charge per hour. We also confirmed that we were able to get 1.5 charges before exhausting the battery pack.

Note – You will get more charge if we used this charger overnight with no phone use.

On the side of the unit there is a flush mounted, almost hidden, USB cable for attaching to mobile devices or a wall charging plug.

The Thinium Recharge+ has a fold out wall plug to plug directly into a wall outlet. When done, these prongs fold back, flush into the pack. The AC prongs are strategically placed to not interfere with the other outlet plug.A phone cradle will also allow you to have the phone attached while wall charging. When docked, the phone is cradled so you can easily use the phone and view the screen while it is charging


Case Issues

Thinium says that this charger will work with over 70% of the phones on the market. The Thinium Recharge+ works with many of the cases we ran into during testing, but it did not work with my Lifecase. The Lifecase. The Lifecase usb dust port hinges open and toward the rear of the phone and directly blocks attaching the Thinium recharge+ usb port.

I’m not sure it there is a solution to this. Maybe a hole in front to the usb pin to allow the dust cover to recess into?


The Thinium Recharge+ comes in black or whte uv coated, and sells online for $ 69.99 here: Thinium-ReCHARGE-Apple-Lightning-Black

Overall Impression

The Thinium recharge has an ultra-thin, super portable and powerful enough to charge your phone 1.5 times. It allows me to travel and get work done without having to stop and plug into a wall outlet. I’d says it’s time to ditch all the charging cords and consider a versatile rechargeable portable charger like the Recharge+.

We recommend it!

p.s. – “Call me” – my phones charged!

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