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The VIKA 2 in 1 Workbench

The VIKA 2 in 1 Workbench








The VIKA TwofoldWorkbench And Scaffold

The The VIKA 2 in 1 Workbench is a portable, collapsible scaffold and work bench that can be used for everything from painting and decorating, to light construction and remodeling, to small home repairs.

The VIKA 2 in 1 Workbench, also called the Vika TwoFold,  also has a 500lb capacity rating and a built in power strip to plug power your tools.

In Workbench Mode, you have a rigid portable workbench that goes to where your work is and gives you a flat solid work setup.

As a cutting workbench the VIKA TwoFold provides a strong,rigid workbench at the perfect height.


This workbench is perfect for on-site cutting with miter saws, circular saws, or tile saws and features:

Scaffold Mode

In Scaffold Mode, you have a solid elevated platform that gives you the ability safely work approximately 24″ off the ground and 46″ long with plenty room to move around. 

The VIKA TwoFold unit costs approximately $149.99. VIKA Ships the Twofold in 2-3 business days.

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