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The Hidden Value Of Small Remodeling Jobs

The Hidden Value Of Small Remodeling Jobs

Small Remodeling Jobs Lead To Bigger Jobs


Big jobs are harder to come by in this economy, but they still exist.

Many contractors that I am familiar with would ONLY do large scale projects. Our current economy situation has forced many of the smarter contractors to re-think this strategy.

What many of these contractor’s are not considering is there is a hidden benefit to doing “the small jobs.”

Face Time With Clients

I call this “face time!” The more face time with a client ~ the better opportunity for future projects!

In order to get face time you need to get in the door, and small projects offer opening of doors.

Can you do this in your market?

Can you offer a smaller piece of what you do to get to speak with homeowners who have bigger ideas?

Most of them would like to hear your ideas.  What can you do to open the door?

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