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Carpenter Apprentice From Green2Great

Hey guys,

In the last 2 months, we’ve published a few videos with our newest employee, and carpenter apprentice – Dave Brefini.



Green2Great Video Series

These videos have received great feedback and engagement from you all so we decided to make it a regular video series.

Join Dave and me on what we’re calling #Green2Great, A video series following Dave’s journey. The premise of Green-2-Great implies my goal and Dave’s quest to becoming a master of his trade.“Mastery” of something (from playing the piano to carpentry) means having a comprehensive knowledge of the art and superior `skills when performing it.

The Apprentice’s Path vs The Skills Gap

Green-2-Great will follow Dave’s Path, and it’s our hope to document and share it with you.

Look, guys, if you’re like me, you’re having trouble finding skilled workers for your companies. America is facing an unprecedented skilled labor shortage. Now is the time for construction business owners to get involved and do their share to preserve the economic stability for skilled trade workers.

The Apprentice Path To Sucess

We ALL need to offer apprenticeships, job placements and mentoring. As long as we continue to utilize electric, plumbing and HVAC systems, and construct new homes and buildings there will be an endless demand for job opportunities in skilled trades.

We hope that this video series will bring a POSITIVE light to apprentices and mentoring. We’ll post every month on Daves’ development and carpentry journey.

In the videos – we’ll cover ALL types of content relative to the trades from teaching and learning

your craft, to running a remodeling business. Whether you’re new to the trades or a Veteran – these videos will have different topics that I’m sure you’ll relate to!

We have 3 videos done now, and our fourth publishes this week. We plan on publishing regularly as we follow Dave’s path to success.

You can find these videos on our YT channel – in the “The Apprentice: From Green-2-Great playlist.  Or you can hit the subscribe button below and we’ll see you on the next Green-2-Great episode.

The Apprentice Carpenter Journey – Video Into

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