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Teenage Work Ethic

Teenage Work Ethic

Instilling A Work Ethic In My Teen

Teenage work ethic, is it an oxymoron?  I think we all agree that when teens don’t learn to work at an early age that can lead to a whole host of future problems with life / boss / employer relationships, etc.

My son recently expressed an interest in learning how to use tools and do carpentry. I’m a “hands on” and “visual’ learner and I’m starting to think that my son learns that way too.

One of the best ways he seems to learn is by working beside me. I show him first and then let him do it with me watching and encouraging. After awhile I leave him alone a bit and discreetly follow up on his progress.

Being a self-starting, “get-er done” type of person, I think it’s more of a test of patience for me than a learning experience for him….

I took advantage of his interest today to teach him how to use a tape measure and a few tools in order to build a simple plank walkway to cover my cobblestone front walk. Anyone with a cobblestone walkway knows that shoveling snow and ice off of it is impossible and this plank way will assist with future snow storm clearings.

It’s super important to encourage our kids to complete whatever job they start. Working teaches responsibility and the fact that someone is in charge and someone else must do the work. Teaching our kids does not have to be a miserable experience, if done properly it can be exciting and will be a true learning experience.

One of the best ways to teach a healthy work ethic is to show by example that you believe in hard work. Work hard at your own job.

At an early age, teach kids all work is useful and meaningful. Don’t elevate one job over another by being demeaning to people.

Life is very hard for those who are not willing to work for what they want!

~ concord carpenter

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